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Indoor stair design 10 core basic requirements

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-12

the design of stair determines the appreciation of the stairs, safety and comfort of the stairs key size

a, opening size, choose the size of the stair, step width and the modelling of the stairs, etc.

2, floor height, choose the stair footfall spacing priorities, affect your comfort of stairs. The standard height of indoor stair and calculation formula: floor height ( Cm) : 231 - 253252 - 276, 273 - 299, 294 - 322, 315 - 345

step number: 10 + 1 + 1 11 12 13 14 + 1 + 1 + 1

note: stairs floor if the area is too big, not will spell, in order to prevent the deformation of wood. Another alien floor strict in wood texture, will pay attention to.

reasonable use a space, choose ably to decorate, can make the bedroom produces the best effect of decorative art, it satisfies people to use functional requirement, and can give a person enjoy.

indoor stair case 1:

design basic requirements:

general according to the width of 0. 3 meters, height of 0. 15 meters design the most appropriate. Use is convenient, width and height are norms.

a form, the number of stairs, location and stairwells should meet the requirements of convenience and safety evacuation.

2, bench width, besides should comply with the provisions of the code for fire protection for daily traffic main staircase bench width should be according to the characteristics of the building use general according to the width of 0 per share. 55 + ( 0 ~ 0. 15) M number of stream of people to determine, should not less than two people.

note: 0 ~ 0. 15 m for abortion in marching body swing, public buildings were numerous places should take on the threshold.

three, change direction, bench platform armrest, the minimum width should not be less than the ladder section width. When handling large objects need to be a moderate amount of widening again.

4, each bench mark time generally should not exceed 18 level, also should not be less than 3.

5, the landing of the clear height of upper and lower corridor place should not be less than 2 m. Bench height should not be less than 2. 20m。

note: bench height for front line (since the footfall Including the lowest and highest level step outside front line 0. Within the scope of 30 m) Amount to directly above the content between the lower edge of the vertical height.

indoor stair case 2:

6 set handrail, stair should be at least in a side, bench width of up to three people should be set on both sides armrest, four strands of abortion should be set when the middle armrest.

7, indoor stair armrest height since step front line amount should not be less than zero. 90 m stairwell side armrest more than 0. 50 m long, its height should not be less than 1 m.

eight, step front part should have anti-skid measures.

nine, children often use the stair well width is greater than zero. Security measures must be taken when 20 m.

10, than the height of stair footfall should be in accordance with table 4. 2. The provisions of 1.

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