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In the identification of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-12
First, identify the high-class european-style furniture, we quote the Chinese old saying, is called the 'first time'. Confucius said, this sentence means is to identify the most important quality of the jade jade, is real jade, second carving craft and modelling. This sentence to high-end furniture. As everybody knows, huanghua pear of red sandalwood is the best of the Chinese style furniture material. So the best wood European people's minds, or what is mahogany wood of Europe's eye? The answer is, teak. Teak the wood color beautiful, golden brown, anti-corrosive, insect-resistant, heavy oil, is very good. Europeans in the era of the great maritime long to recognize the characteristics of teak, have long been the teak as only a sea-going ships, yachts, the use of timber. The second world war, teak or strategic matter. People familiar with the deck of the Titanic is made of teak. Retrieved out of the water for the first time in 1999, Europe was shocked. Soak in water for over 80 years of teak deck, unexpectedly is in good condition. So, recently, launched a Rolls-Royce cars of the teak trim as edition. The status of teak in the minds of people in the United States and Europe. So, the purchase and european-style furniture, the choice should be teak, followed by mahogany, oak, cherry wood, etc. European-style decoration of choice for high-end teak wood should be, so just accord with the aesthetic standards of the people of Europe. Second, all solid wood and logs are the standard of high-grade furniture must be used. The recent events we all know the leonardo Da Vinci. Actually the key is not its furniture is imported, but is not completely real wood, do not use polyester, reverse mould, density board and other modern materials and process. Third, it is all hand carved. This is very important. Analysis of the article points out. Carve patterns or designs on woodwork machine value it is only about one percent of the manual sculpture. The top of Europe type furniture is all handmade, full carver is measure of this furniture is the most basic standards of higher value. No matter when, furniture as a kind of art by hand, all hand carved must be retained its luxury quality. Once mass production mechanization, furniture loses itself can be used as a collection of the value of art. Industrial products become insignificant.
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