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In the hallway partition set of knowledge

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-09
Because vestibular connected with the room, it is not easy to be an independent space, can't again into the hallway and take in everything in a glance, therefore, in order to make the foyer space and the rest have to communicate, and do not interfere with other space, has the relative independence, so take the form of a partition is a good method to deal with.

partition general Settings in the hall to the front of the door or slightly leans to one side of the door, take off in between the not ok hall of shoe boots, wearing a coat and other activities, and to cover our line of sight into the door, give a person the sense with implicative, quiet, winding path leading to a secluded spot.

partition can flexibly dividing space, make the hall and other room both contact each other, and can reflect the personality of each. Partition itself is a collection of french country furniture and adornment sex is very strong arts and crafts in one set. Decorate in the foyer of the partition in this form, its appreciate Angle in the bedroom or in the hallway, can create better ornamental effect.

vestibular partition can take many forms:

1. Rich ancient frame appear a partition

this partition can better differentiate functional space, and through the gaps between the rich ancient frame makes whole space there are internal relations, not because of isolation and scattered.

2。 Rich ancient frame of semi-closed partition

this partition can choose a variety of formats, can choose Chinese traditional format, also can choose sleek modern style. This form of the height of the partition in the line of sight of above commonly slightly higher position or head position summary prep above advisable, because need it has obscured the view function, in a half block half mask to hide the dew, rich and change the space feeling. Shelf can also be placed green potted plants, such as a celestial being, bamboo of curvature of the spinal column, evergreen plants such as ivy, centipede grass plants, can also display the special characteristic of arts and crafts, antique, etc.

3。 Frame glass partition of semi-closed

this partition general with wooden frame, aluminum alloy frame, or other material, the framework of embedded in glass production.

aluminum frame interior partition is firm, smooth, easy to make, but have a feeling of cold indoors. If and the surrounding colour and material combination of good, also have a kind pure and fresh, clean effect.

wooden frame nature, kind, can have a variety of formats, making random, set in the hallway, can create an atmosphere of elegance, of primitive simplicity.

stainless steel frame is bright and clean, bright, texture features prominent. But will often make people feel the hall has a commercial smell, and costly, in the hallway is not necessarily appropriate. In short, flexible use depends on the hallway other packaging conditions.

other copper frame has more strong decorative features, luxurious style, with a strong decorative effect, but the cost is higher, should be more.

glass partition diversity of expression, artistic effect is obvious, is popular with most people. Carve patterns or designs on woodwork glass, showily uncommon, covered the role of the line of sight, and the blank of the ornamental design, and fully bright, double image is bright, have contemporary style more.

coloured drawing or pattern glass, pure and fresh and gorgeous, can draw flower, pavilions; Can also draw mountain stream, the wind month lang, can draw the traditional Chinese Confucianism; And drawing calligraphy lovers. In the hall, can make whole bedroom luster, match with coloured drawing or pattern glass ceilings, motorcycling, synergies.

gush arenaceous glass, low cost, can be sprayed all sorts of design, pure, clean, also have very strong adornment effect. Gush arenaceous glass is pervious to light evenly, subtle hazy feeling, make the hallway with interest.

all the wooden partition, screen type is relatively common, sometimes tied for use in combination with a shoe or other furniture. Or on the rear mirror, but also have a function of ready when you're on facial plastic surgery, which both sides should be crafted. Relief sculpture decoration or in wooden screen print celebrity calligraphy and painting, etc. , can reflect master elegant demeanor.

shade type partition not only has the characteristics of convenient, economical, and more in style.

shade type partition and beam box or other supporting devices. It not only has the effect of blocking the line of sight, often to the environment to poetic happy and harmonious. A beautifully made of bamboo or wooden curtain, bead curtain, etc. Will give a person with a good imagination. The ancients swimming shade lines almost everywhere, such as curtain hanging garden railings outside, scarlet color screen broken branches, spring breeze is bead curtain, make songs with heart; And so on. Vestibular communicates directly with the sitting room, such as between the ceiling in the hallway and sitting room, and below the scene and exquisite bead curtain, neither affect walking through, and covered with a sense of mission and exquisite, make the sitting room under the appropriate light reflect in a noble atmosphere. Is there white stripe long shots LiLi, inclined wearing of the artistic conception of red.

the development of modern science and technology, the style of the curtain and also variety of materials. Artificial glass plastic bead curtain, curtain, etc. , a lot of people themselves, using different materials, paper, can also be made into different styles of shade, economic, practical, beautiful.

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