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In addition to formaldehyde environmental protection furniture of Europe type style

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-13
Now many owners when decorate will use environmental protection material and furniture, decorate in order to avoid pollution, but the so-called environmental protection material, no polluted? According to the relevant institutions within 1 year for 565 families decorate, the owner of the house of test data analysis, formaldehyde which is 71%, the benzene series matter which is 19%, which is as high as 73% TVOC. Why use the environmental protection decoration materials, pollution or overweight? 1. Environmental protection plate is not equal to not contain ingredients that still have certain levels of pollution in environmental protection material composition, also because of the cumulative effect after heavy use of pollution caused by overweight. Especially in the process of fine decoration materials used in very much, so the reliable detection of pollution is must be carried out before. 2. Not blindly superstition famous brand when a lot of famous brand furniture or plank is often better than ordinary products, but in the actual inspection, polluting home has nearly thirty percent is famous brand product that consumer trust. The owner's response, these furniture also has severe odor, ventilation, a few months to improve. So the famous brand product quality is poor, not necessarily brand products also are not necessarily standard quality. 3. Ventilation time too short people usually think again at six months, the new home to ventilation ventilation time depending on the actual pollution situation, some simple household decoration, environmental protection material, ventilation may be two month can stay; Some families decorate complex and extensive use of plank, exceeds bid badly, ventilation year still can't up to standard. Is common in both cases, according to the actual situation of decorate choose freely ventilated time, not all families are required to ventilation for half a year. 4. No taste, no in addition to formaldehyde? Decorate pollution performance the most obvious is that the smell, it smells often shows that pollution is very serious, but it is important to note that no smell does not mean that no pollution. For example, almost can't smell, formaldehyde exceeds bid in 5 times within low concentration formaldehyde is not, people thought, stimulating odour, odorous is generally benzene and TVOC, etc. So odorous days must attach importance to pollution control, but there is no smell does not mean do not need to be in addition to formaldehyde, to refer to the actual testing data. 5. Testing standards can be at ease at? Formaldehyde released from plates into the air for over three to fifteen years. Even in one day inspection standard, also cannot explain later will amount to mark, especially when it's hot in summer, or have central heating in the winter in the north, was a period of high incidence of recurrence of pollution.
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