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In 2018 China Europe type furniture shipped almost 1. The years of 500 million, European furniture across the transition?

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

a few days ago, IDC's latest quarter 'IDC China intelligent household equipment market tracking report shows that shipped almost 1 smart home market in China in 2018. 500 million, an increase of 36. 7%, among which the delivery in the fourth quarter 46. 1 million, year-on-year growth of 45. 4%. In the next five years China's intelligent household equipment market will continue to grow rapidly and market scale will be close to 500 million units in 2023.

from the point of market competition, China has many intelligent household equipment market players, head manufacturer. The IDC China intelligent household equipment market quarterly tracking report shows that in the fourth quarter of 2018 Chinese intelligent household equipment shipments of the top five manufacturers occupies nearly half of the market. The millet relied on the perfect chain become largest players; Haier and the United States as the pioneer of traditional household appliances intelligent ranked second, three; Ali channels of its own advantages through intelligent speakers and intelligent TV box was fourth two main products; Baidu incoming late, but with the support of DuerOS voice platform through intelligent speakers this hot style products, only three quarters of the top five.

2018 for smart home market of China is the future of a year. Shipments from last year's growth significantly, frequent hot style products of all kinds of products at the same time gradually towards the linkage. Besides the voice interaction increasing public acceptance, its application is expected to further development in the family environment. Below will be taken from products, linkage and interaction of 2018 China smart home market analysis:

a frequent, hot style products

2018 years intelligent household market rapid expansion in China, intelligent speakers, smart bulb and smart locks three product growth. Smart speaker at the annual hot style sheet is tasted shipments for the whole year, over 20 million, an increase of 1051. 8%. From the point of the competitive landscape, intelligent speaker market head manufacturer's obvious advantages, in the fourth quarter of 2018, ali, millet, baidu three cent world, occupies more than eighty percent market share. Smart speaker in the future market will continue to maintain rapid growth, is expected to reach 35. 88 million units shipped in 2019.

smart bulb with speakers with intelligent voice control in sales in 2018 increased significantly, shipments of only 560000, an increase of 461. 7%. Convenient control linkage and the scene is a key element to stimulate intelligent lighting market demand.

smart door lock market rapid development in the second half of 2018, shipments of about 850000, an increase of 136. 7%, mass marketing and potential safety problems to solve in the technical level is the main driving factors. Frequent hot style of the products made in China in 2018 intelligence lives in a hot market, the future is expected to appear more hot style products, promoting the development of the overall market.

2, product linkage stepped up

in the fourth quarter of 2018 equipment access rate 60 smart home Internet platforms in China. 3%, an increase of 32. 2%. A growing number of equipment not only can remote control was achieved by the client, more access through the Internet platform and other household equipment, intelligent scene.

to the user, the Internet platform greatly simplifies the operation steps, improving the use of experience; From the manufacturer, home Internet platform to help in the promotion of the competitive landscape. Joint driven by supply and demand at both ends and intelligent household 2018 Internet platform develops, smart home makers to expand its Internet platform of product range, on the one hand, home appliance manufacturers to represent the development platform for internal integration, on the other hand open fusion between different platforms are also emerging. There will be more products home Internet access platform, will also have more types of equipment can be two or more access to the Internet platform, promoting the development of equipment is the intelligent linkage.

3, voice interaction gradually osmosis

in 2018, the rapid development of the intelligent voice assistant voice assistant carrying rate of 28 Chinese intelligent household equipment market. 6%, an increase of 177. 6%. Intelligent speakers as the main carrier of intelligent voice assistant quickly, at the same time the intelligent voice platform can also in expanding scope, smart TV, smart and intelligent alarm lamp more and more products using intelligent voice assistant rich application scenarios, expand the service content. Voice as a new type of human-computer interaction mode is gradually accepted by consumers. Voice assistant rapid development at the same time, its development space is also very broad. The future is expected to have more products with intelligent voice assistant, voice interaction will also be combined with other interact, thus improving the human-computer interaction experience.

IDC China analyst liu yun said: & other; 2018 is the year of the transition of intelligent household equipment market China, hot style products, equipment linkage, voice interaction as three engine to promote China's smart home market evolution from intelligent item to the intelligent linkage. Intelligent household in China is gradually will focus from product competition to ecology, voice platform of wide and extensive cooperation between Internet platform will become competition chip, intelligent household and consumption in the future Internet of things the most important way to ecological strategy in the enclosure. ”

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