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If the old elm pig - Solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-14
The old elm; Whether the pig & ndash; elm article

takeaway: old elm is the northerners known, ju wood; A, alias wenge north; 。 And south yu is not a southerner term, but also a kind of wood, firewood; Division; Should identify truly elm from color and growth to examine, antique oakwood furnitureold elm no old and new on the market. Mr Wang Shixiang it can be divided into: old elm dense texture, a maroon and white shades into grain, especially slitting and slanting section, thin float, giving a person the sense of feathers shine bright. ; South elm mywood qualitative coarse, purple and black, the texture is often unclear turbidity, rigidity of the rotation, and wood wool sometimes easy to become warped crack up. ;

elm furniture features:

elm is a kind of tall deciduous trees, grow in the north of China. Wood is tenacious, has spread like feathers layer upon layer of decorative pattern, and clear understanding to the simple.

1。 Elm wood furniture is durable, the use of varnish, hand brush paint, tasteless non-pollution environmental protection. Elm french country furniture the elm wood timber period in more than fifty years, dense, hard wood, natural grain is exquisite. General of northeast China ash, pine, cherry wood timber is only three years to five years, time is short, short wood fiber, wood soft, love to be out of shape.

2。 Elm furniture mortise and tenon joint structure, not a nail, rigorous structure, fine workmanship. Elm wood furniture production and mortise and tenon joint of frame structure adopts the way of science structure, simple and firm, accord with mechanics principle.

3。 The elm furniture is given priority to with bright type style, modelling concise, smooth lines, elegant and easy style. Moderately bright type furniture decoration, and simplified fitting, local adornment appropriately.

elm furniture advantages:

1. Elm mywood tenacity, high mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance; Moderate hardness and strength, suitable for carving, general valuable. such handiwork reliefs are able to adapt to.

2。 Elm heart sapwood clear distinction, sapwood is dark yellow, heartwood dark violet and grey.

3。 Yu wood texture clear insight, plane surface is smooth, beautiful string surface decorative pattern, have similar chicken wings wood; The decorative pattern. Wood plastic, paint, carved by the exquisite carved lacquerware crafts can be made up.

4。 The elm furniture is given priority to with bright type style, modelling concise, smooth lines, elegant and easy style. Moderately bright type furniture decoration, and simplified fitting, local adornment appropriately. The disadvantages of the elm furniture

elm furniture drawback:

1. Yu no old and new, easy to deformation, love snake, severe contraction is new elm furniture shortcoming; And the disadvantage of the old elm is in some places there will be a old bug, cracking, old tenons eye, etc.

2。 After strict drying room drying of elm wood furniture is not easy to crack, but the elm is not easy to do, now in the market there are a lot of elm plate based on existing problems of cost or equipment, wood drying does not reach the designated position, so made of elm wood furniture is very prone to cracking and deformation.

elm furniture history:

at 59 - 61 during the three years of natural disasters, to save the lives of many people, so to speak. But now with the development of rural urbanization, rural old elm is less and less. Elm mywood relatively hard, plus there is a secrete mucus, elm in solving way saw often easy to collapse, so since ancient times has a dry wet willow, elm carpenter saw hide; The claim. Before is usually put the elm in the water bubble gears, pass off sugar processing again later to do the furniture.

always in the market now speak the old elm wood furniture; And even some salesman didn't understand what is the old elm, tell the customer we are growing for hundreds of years old elm, now is less and less time, is really matter. The tree is alive. Growth for one hundred, two hundred, this is an old elm, instead of the old elm! From the tree cut down, it becomes a wood! And old elm, starts, it have been cut down the storm or in outdoor experiences, or quietly precipitation on beams, has experienced several decades or even hundreds of years after the baptism, wood tends to be stable, that is a real old elm!

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