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How to use a red furniture collocation fashion sense? Red furniture of Europe type style collocation technique

by:HOOLNN     2020-11-28

the colour of red is to quicken the pulse beat, contact for a long time can let a person feel fatigue, so a lot of people think french country furniture is a red hard to match a fashionable feeling, in fact, as long as you are in the french country furniture collocation when consider the psychological effect of color in the room, but the use of more red in the living room, the appropriate ornament can cause different fashion effect. Let me tell you about red furniture of Europe type style collocation skill, how to use a European red furniture collocation gives fashion sense.

red furniture of Europe type style is tie-in skill set out fashion sense

if the home is a light color attune, the metope of consider collocation the red furniture of Europe type style of large area, such as the red sofa, furniture and curtain, etc. Because red is the color of great tension, choice when decorate household space is not the main points of the shop is too full of use, white space is important. But if metope is brunet department, or advice into the red in the form of the ornament, such as some with red cloth art, furnishing articles, etc. , as appropriate for the space of grace.

large areas of Europe type style red furniture collocation skill

in metope paint red red furniture of Europe type style is the most simple way of collocation, if you are afraid of big red is a little difficult to navigate, brush a wall can only, also can choose low saturation of the red, still can use the red texture of heavy and complicated pattern, make household space is full of positive energy. As long as the European red furniture collocation can also warm vitality, and can avoid vulgar, compose new and stylish.

metope and red furniture of Europe type style collocation

red furniture of Europe type style on the collocation of color, can't use too many colors. Can be red furniture into the dark brown, showing the traditional flavor restoring ancient ways; With natural nobility, more intimate and elegant, beautiful qi do among them, aftertaste making a person is boundless; And with warm color is tie-in continental red furniture, more fashionable breath.

red furniture of Europe type style is tonal collocation

red furniture of Europe type style is tie-in, in home furniture collocates soft adornment, such as tablecloths, napkins, curtains, etc. , in terms of choice of material should be as far as possible choose thinner chemical fiber material, thick cotton fabric extremely easy adsorption of food smells and not easily dispersed, the restaurant environment health. Small make up recommend can put some flowers, so that we can adjust psychology, beautify the environment, increase appetite, but not too much of avoid by all means, in the dim light can use red, green, violet wait for dark flower, your person feels sedate.

red furniture of Europe type style of the soft adornment collocation skill

red furniture of Europe type style is tie-in, pure and fresh and contracted household environment gives a person a kind of feeling of freedom, space overall arrangement clean and does not lose interest. Red furniture can consider collocation light yellow or brown floor by floor, fluent line deduction of household fashion and practical, and the color of quietly elegant, simple gentle temperament infatuation; Elegant color foil of the sitting room atmosphere, smooth shadow times add temperament and harmony.

red furniture of Europe type style and the collocation of floor skills

through the above introduction, believe everybody to match red furniture of Europe type style skills had certain understanding, to match a fashionable furniture is really very simple, as long as pay attention to the collocation of color space and space, generally have no difficulty. And choosing a european-style furniture, cannot careless, must pay attention to the quality of choice, in order to match the furniture is more beautiful, more let a person comfortable.

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