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How to protect the surface of synthetic leather furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-22
Many furniture with synthetic leather surface, such as sofa, chair, etc. They surface appearance, good touch feeling, and wear resistance, rub resistance, hydrolysis resistance, crack resistance strength, peeling strength are very strong, so is quite popular among consumers. Synthetic leather and wood, cotton and linen fabric properties, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, strong light, acid solution and alkaline solution have influence on it. Therefore, the use of synthetic leather furniture should pay attention to the following: furniture place to avoid high temperature place. High temperature can make synthetic leather appearance change, sticking together. Therefore, furniture should not be placed near the fire, also should not be placed on the edge of the radiator, and don't let the sun was shining. Don't put furniture in room temperature is too low. Temperature too low or long time to let air conditioning blows straight, will make synthetic leather seas, crack, hardening. Don't place in high humidity room furniture. Hydrolysis of humidity will make synthetic leather, the occurrence and development causes the damage of surface film, shorten service life. As a result, such as toilet, bathroom, kitchen room shoulds not be configured synthetic leather furniture. Wipe the synthetic leather furniture, don't use a wet towel or wet cloth, generally with dry cloth to wipe.
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