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How to make solid wood furniture eternal youth

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-19

many urbanites in household life eager to return to nature, enjoy the simple rural living environment, 100% drawn from natural solid wood furniture catering to the psychological needs of the people on this. Antique Chinese style furniture no matter, still be luxurious, European classic furniture, solid wood furniture of natural elegance, of primitive simplicity, massiness is to make people have a special liking. Due to the service life of solid wood french country furniture can be for decades, so the maintenance is very important work.

balance moisture and temperature

wood is porous breathing, like a person's skin, oakwood furniturewill continue to water exchange with the air in the bedroom. When the dry air, due to the evaporation of moisture, surface will shrink hole, time for a long time there will be a cracking phenomenon. But when the humidity rises, wood and absorb enough moisture and expand, so appropriate adjust temperature and humidity in the home, is an important link in maintenance of solid wood furniture. 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius temperature, relative humidity between 35% and 40%, is the most ideal environment was laid solid wood furniture. In order to maintain appropriate humidity, can properly use a humidifier.

in addition, to avoid placing furniture near the source of heat or air conditioning tuyere, because the temperature of severe changes can cause the damage of the furniture and premature aging.

to avoid the sun

some wood color will naturally darker over time, appear more massiness and primitive simplicity. Some people will think long sunlight can produce such effect, it is very wrong idea. surface long sunlight, ultraviolet light and high temperature can make the interior of the wood moisture out of balance, the coating surface fine cracks or lead to fade, and black. Solid wood french country furniture is put right a way, try to avoid facing the sun, with transparent gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight, so do not affect indoor daylighting, and protecting the indoor furniture.

dust removal wax is important

oakwood furnituresurface paint, so the maintenance and maintenance of paint film is very important. Paint film once destroyed not only affect beautiful, can also affect the internal structure of products, so the furniture surface stains, if any, never tried hard to clean, avoid using alcohol, gasoline, or other chemical solvent except the stain. Should every day with pure cotton dry soft cloth gently wipe the surface dust, every three months to half a year, reoccupy wet cloth dips in mild soapy water will wipe furniture whole again, remove stains and old wax, wipe after wait for moisture volatilizes, again dozen special pure wood furniture polish, and then gently grinding, form a new protective film.

don't use plastic and rubber

avoid in oakwood furnituresurface laying plastic tablecloth and mat for a long time, because can be damaged by chemicals in the plastic coating. Some people write in solid wood table, like mat on the table a plastic pad to prevent the tip damage french country furniture, suggest to use natural fabrics made of decorative cloth or small felt pads on the plastic pad between the table and, because of the chemicals in plastic, rubber or nylon products infiltration and softened coating, dent and fade. appear scratches affect beautiful and affect the service life, so don't use hard objects should be paid attention to and direct contact with metal objects and furniture, don't appear to protect the surface traces bruised.

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