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How to maintain white european-style furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-11
White represents the pure, holy and romantic, but it is also full of protecting color of color, so in people's subconscious has a natural preference for white. Especially the younger generation, in household design, not only make the home look relaxed and clean, white can give a person a kind of safe feeling more. White furniture maintenance, however, has made many people puzzled. A long period of time, color yellow, especially families with children's at home, perhaps buy back just a few months, the white furniture above have not line, then white Europe type furniture to how to maintain? 1. First of all, white furniture general appropriate with dry cloth to wipe, and don't always wipe with wet cloth, because of the paint easy peeling, the water loss. White furniture to avoid sun exposure, not beside the stove, heating, otherwise the paint peeling, falling easily, once off miserably to wager, don't put white furniture directly in the wet, moisture place should cushion pad. Smudgy trace on the furniture, wipe with hot water is not clean, can use alcohol to wipe gently. 2, normally we are using common white furniture cleaner to wipe on the market, also can maintain same day long ever new, bright bright white. If feel dirty or above is not wipe off, can use the dentifrice or toothpaste to wipe the white furniture, can be changed. Operation on the note, however, do not force is too large, otherwise it will damage the paint film and counterproductive, don't use the brush to brush. 3, like the summer, the sun is very strong, this time must avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause deformation of furniture, at the same time also can cause yellowing white household. Will craze, a long period of time when the sun is too strong suggest you draw the curtains, open again when the sun goes down. 4, often clean. This is white household maintenance priority, in general, with dedicated to white household cleaners on the market, but it's not a special cleaner, powders or toothpaste can also be used to wipe the white furniture, but not often, because toothpaste can also cause certain wear to furniture, if not the trouble, it can have a try, use the method to clean the egg white and banana, usually about once a month cleaning is ok, try ordinary to use dry cloth to wipe.
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