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How to maintain the wooden chair? Wooden chair maintenance skills

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-08
Small make up today is to teach people how to maintain love chair. Generally speaking, the wooden chair or a major part of recreational chair series, so today we take a look at how to maintain wooden chair? one Wooden chair in the process of use requirement to keep the temperature and relative humidity, humidity shoulds not be too wet or too dry in the air. Avoid flush or plywood made of wood with wet cloth, avoid by all means in alkaline soaking, preventing plywood glue or come unglued. 3. Should not be in a very humid place, lest wood in wet expand, so easy to rotten, drawer and pull away. Pay attention to the four air humidity. Avoid is used a caustic washing, wood or wood is placed on the surface of corrosive liquid, high concentration of alcohol, banana oil and just boiled water, in case of damage to the paint. Five. Unfavorable use heavy percussion wooden surface or in the wood surface cutting things directly, prevent the damage of surface, nor in six. Try to avoid direct sunlight, in order to avoid the paint surface oxidation. Seven. Avoid is used a wooden original paint with different color of paint, need to use the same color paint and putty mix well with embedded wood fracture plugging after, lest leave scar. Eight, to avoid damage to the surface children carefully on woodiness jump to play, so as not to damage the wooden structure. Nine, avoid overall handling over a long distance, small wooden need to move, to lift the bottom of the wood; Big wooden move, should ask professional company to help. Lifting wood to light up the light, to be placed flat. If uneven ground, padded to leg, in case of damage. When placed ten, common smooth clean soft cloth to wipe dust, do not use dry cloth to wipe. If there is a stain. Can be used wet soft cloth dipped in diluted neutral detergent ( Such as: clean and bright, etc. ) Wipe the net or using a drawing eraser. For best results, use once a month on a regular basis special wax of a woodiness maintains, in addition to the surface with bright paint wood. Well above is small make up for everybody introduction, about the Europe type furniture chair how to maintain article, hope can bring you help.
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