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How to maintain American furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-23
How do American furniture maintenance with the popularity of TV drama in China, also more and more popular with Chinese people, American furniture for these imported foreign furniture maintain many consumers do not know how to lay their hands on, the rich furniture today teach you some maintenance of the basic knowledge of American furniture. 1, furniture should pay attention to avoid sun exposure, its location should be placed in an indoor place away from direct sunlight. 2, American furniture belongs to the wood furniture is easy to crack under the dry air, should use a humidifier but avoid directly spray on the furniture. 3, pay attention to prevent dust, especially fine carve patterns or designs on woodwork decoration, such as not regularly remove ash, tiny crack in the deposited easily affect beautiful. Part 4, stone should pay attention to avoid collision, corrosive liquid, a strong light or high temperature; 5, placed at the bottom of the cup or accessories mat mat plate 6, hardware accessories parts don't use alcohol, ammonia is wiped, it will wipe away the surface of the protective film, long dark color. Two times a year, conditional can wax regularly, have paint solid wood furniture can use American mid-range of wax or oil for maintenance; No paint American must use high-grade solid wood furniture wax or oil. The benefits of wax can let the home have burnish, clean up will be easier.
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