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How to identify continental furniture materials is good or bad

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-17
European furniture small make up today, is to explain it to friends, how to identify Europe type furniture materials is good or bad. ( This is our industry's confidential manual funny) A: look is natural or planted. 1, natural forest teak long growth period, oil, high density, golden color. Become a period of at least 50 years above, generally born in 70 in the teak diameter 40, but the available heartwood 35 centimeters or so, however, are expensive. Log prices in the country of origin are also more than RMB ten thousand in a cubic ( More than 50 years old teak) 。 Heartwood of at least 20000 yuan of above. To China after at least to around 30000 yuan a cubic. 2, planting forest small teak growing cycle short, oily, low density, shallow light color, quick success, can become useful in about 10 to 20 years. 20 years of planting small Lin teak raw forest can reach 50 years old teak 30 to 35 cm in diameter. Log in the country of origin, the price is very cheap. Born in the year of 20 small teak does not exceed 4000. Generally does not distinguish between heart and sapwood. To China after the price about 8000 yuan a cubic. 2: the furniture material way at present the good and bad are intermingled, teak furniture market prices a suite from 30000 yuan to 300000 yuan, the price gap is great. Where these gaps reflect? According to the current teak furniture USES material, the personage inside course of study will be divided into five grades. Called the old teak forest A material, planting small teak Lin called B material, stitching teak called C material, called D other wood material, not real wood material known as material. 1, A class of first teak furniture, and more than 50 years forest teak, guarantee is endless, belongs to A + class A teak, prices high. If we assume that a piece of furniture to use 2 cubic wood, inside and outside the use of a cubic wood, what about this piece of furniture USES lumber cost will be 30000 + 30000. Light cost will be 60000, not including loss. 2, A class of second-class teak furniture, and the use of more than 50 years forest teak, no sapwood, visual, belongs to A + class A teak, cost of 30000 + 20000, five final lumber cost to 5. Around 50000. On the market at present only imported from the British STVILLA ( Chinese name Seth d the) The introduction of this kind of wood. A teak furniture all use the best material, without off color, so all need not dyeing, with transparent paint spraying, golden color, color is very beautiful. 3, 2 kinds of superior teak furniture, outside the forest teak, over 50 years by planting forests in teak, belongs to A + B class teak. Lumber cost for 30000 + 8000. The final cost for 3. Around 80000. On the market at present domestic old Shanghai in the company's production of double axes brand all products, Shanghai recreational recreation card part of the company belongs to this kind of product. 4, 2 kinds of second-class teak furniture, the forest outside the 10 ~ 50 years teak, multi-purpose diameter less than 10 cm of small material, visual face numerous sapwood, by planting forests in teak, belongs to a + B products, lumber cost for 20000 + 8000, the final cost of 2. Play around 8. Open a shop on the market at present the most parts of the Shanghai jindal company picked lisa brand products ( Formerly known as the Mona Lisa) Belongs to and so on. 2 kinds of teak furniture inconsistent due to the inside and outside material, so must be through the dyeing, bleaching and other technology to achieve both inside and outside of the same color as a result, generally all dyed dark is similar to the shallow walnut. 5, 3 kinds of superior teak furniture, the outside using 10 ~ 50 years forest teak, multi-purpose small material, visual surface visible sapwood. It USES other wood, belongs to a + C teak. Lumber cost for 20000 + 3000. Picked up lisa belong to this kind of most of the products. Six, three kinds of second-class teak furniture, the outside by planting teak, Lin USES other wood inside. Belongs to B + C teak. Lumber cost for 8000 + 3000. Eventually lumber cost to 1. 10000 yuan. Most common on the market of Shanghai manufacturers are all such practices. 7, four types of teak furniture, generally for the modern style, with little outside teak integrated timber, it USES other wood line, the cost is lower. Such as on the market sell, teak, poly feng process teak, etc. Such teak only use value, there is no other value. 8, 5 kinds of teak furniture is only used teak frame, use the non wood material such as density board, veneer overlaying process production. Such as the peacock blue furniture. This kind of furniture is not belongs to the category of teak furniture, was not discussed. 3: production process is manual or mechanical. 1, made of pure manual work furniture had better, but high prices. Currently on the market only import STVILLA Seth d the brand, because the factory is located in the country of origin in Indonesia, local popular wood carving craft, to do it all by hand. All their products for handicrafts, in the face of customer base is only high-end consumer assets of tens of millions of dollars. 2, 2 kinds of teak furniture, some part of carve patterns or designs on woodwork belong to manually, adventure is mechanical manufacturing. This kind of furniture is mainly in the face of more than millions of assets, earning more than hundreds of high income white-collar and middle class 3, other domestic teak furniture is mechanical manufacturing. Belongs to the mass production goods. Prices relatively low, more suitable for ordinary consumer choice. Well above is Europe type furniture, small make up to bring about Europe type furniture materials way to identify the good and bad, hope can bring you help.
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