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How to Europe type furniture waxing

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-24
In recent years, Europe type furniture has become a popular furniture in China, of course, the maintenance of Europe type furniture also is indispensable, waxing, in particular, it is also not to skip step in maintenance. So please learn how to use the European furniture weaving to European furniture wax. Method 1: furniture waxing, must use cotton, to apply to cotton, waxing waxing quantity should be moderate, if waxing quantity too much will result in uneven coating of wax, affect the luster after furniture waxing. Then wipe waxy cotton quality furniture and vigorous application of wax on the surface of furniture ( Remember not to put too much, too much force will damage the surface of the solid wood furniture, because the surface of the friction between the cotton and furniture) 。 Method 2: waxing method is to clean the dust on the surface of the solid wood furniture, ready for furniture waxing. If you don't clean the dust, will affect the overall effect of the wax, wax spot or scratches. Solid wood furniture surface after dealing with the dust, use mild soap water to clean the old wax on the surface of the solid wood furniture, reoccupy clear water is wiped, reoccupy does cloth to wipe, make furniture surface drying. Ok, that's small make up for like Europe type furniture friends introduction about how to give the benefits of european-style furniture wax and wax do the introduction, the hope can bring you some help.
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