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How to Europe type furniture of choose and buy right

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-05
The first thing to check material. European furniture do manual work is complicated, the choose and buy European housekeeping when you have no real wood texture, good furniture product USES 24 k gold foil colour. Second check process. Look at ou li furniture modelling curve or surface line is smooth and natural, carve patterns or designs on woodwork is delicate and vivid. Check the hidden part again. Look at the bottom of the furniture is done processing, whether level off, whether drawer aperture is too large, all of these can be seen when the furniture manufacture is the heart. Determine the decoration style, choose furniture is again good corresponding subject to decorate, according to the furniture and tonal decided to household whole is tonal, build elegant and harmonious life in the family atmosphere. When using gesso line or they make a curved shape, coordinate or use a wallpaper style, or color of a similar condole with furniture, etc. Europe type furniture is one of the important elements of European style decoration, exquisite manual fine carving, contour rich rhythm, and USES the gold-plated copper decoration, structure concise, smooth, colour is gorgeous, graceful artistic sense is very strong. According to the different style characteristic and the detail processing, can be divided into the European classical furniture, European new classic furniture, European style garden furniture with European simple furniture. Among them, the European classical furniture continuation of the 17th century to the 19th century European royal family furniture, strives for perfection, for detail place pursuit of luxury in the grand and solemn elegant, although closer to practical after into the modern design methods, but still with a rich European tradition culture. Simplify the European new classic furniture classical furniture lines, will be the integration of classical style and modern spirit and present a variety of appearance; European rural furniture slam the door buckish, pay attention to the line of concise and clear and elegant decoration, appears more natural and graceful and elegant; Contracted Ehrlich's furniture on the basis of tradition, more the pursuit of comfort and practical furniture, making furniture do not break elegance and concise.
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