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How to distinguish the real wood European furniture and artificial board of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-09
European furniture small make up for you today article summarized a few solid wood furniture and artificial board of Europe type furniture to distinguish method, for you to reference, the small make up of Europe type furniture hope to make friends so that choose Europe type furniture is deceived. ​ First of all, pure solid wood furniture has its own natural texture, colour and lustre downy, feel is very good. And some of the furniture that stick a skin, do not wear resistance, feel is relatively poor, not resistant to impact, even if the technology that stick a skin is high, the household that which is there is a feeling of cheap. In general, the board type furniture is a common kind of artificial board furniture, the furniture is mainly mainly sticker skins, stick wood or paint. Stick wood furniture, from the point of touch, color and the texture, and pure solid wood furniture are not much different from, the average person is very difficult to distinguish, but don't worry, fake and inferior items or something that can be identified. If you go to the furniture store, will see that there are a lot of different categories, such as walnut, cherry, beech, etc. At this time, learn to distinguish what is real wood furniture or furniture of artificial board. If there were merchants with you say: this is a set of imported black walnut eat desk and chair, and the price is not expensive. This is a lie, because real wood is mainly used to the category of furniture or less used in local, if there is a whole set of furniture, the mostly spray paint dye. In addition, real wood furniture is more or less there will be a few small flaws, such as wooden plaques, knag, etc. , this is their itself. And cohesion of solid wood furniture are generally very natural, not furniture that stick a skin, are generally posted a east, west stick a piece, very uncomfortable, no beauty. Now a lot of things can be fake, stickers of artificial board furniture can even imitation of natural wood grain and some wood defects, therefore, the real wood furniture of choose and buy, be sure to polish eyes, carefully distinguish good. In short, the real wood furniture always own aura, and those realistic-looking defective goods, is not so good.
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