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How to distinguish real wood furniture to see that 4

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-23

furniture, a simple words. But the meaning behind it, is in units of the company. plays very important role in our life: food and clothing live line all cannot leave the furniture. And oakwood furnitureis with durable, environmental protection, comfortable advantages such as consumers. But now, furniture material mixed profusion, you really pick for solid wood french country furniture; Yet?

today teach you use inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation; Four recruit to distinguish real wood furniture!

the first recruit at

the so-called hope; , is watching the texture. Completely real wood furniture is the natural color, the color, texture has certain differences, even there is a natural scar, and the defects on the real wood furniture that stick a skin appearance is very few, the texture clear and even better than that of completely real wood furniture. When everyone was watching, you can use the real wood texture and scar knot, respectively the appearance and the corresponding location on the back, if good to deserve it is pure real wood. In addition, the scar is also a good method of appraisal of real wood, watch the scar of a location, and then on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding texture, grain to straighten out can determine it is solid wood.

the second recruit smell

and smell; , here is not listen to the meaning of, but really with nose to smell, it is the most commonly used and very effective way, close to smell the smell of the french country furniture. Most real wood aroma with trees, pine turpentine flavor, no light incense, parker camphor have no obvious camphorwood flavour, but fiberboard, density board will have a strong excitant odour, especially in the cupboard door or drawer, easy to distinguish between smell. Take advantage of the convenient methods to identify, believe in yourself judge must till the real wood furniture also.

three recruit q

the so-called asked; , is refers to ask qing dynasty material, which part is real wood, which part is the other material, tiny details can't let go. Is generally in the framework of the wardrobe and layer board, drawer board, these large area location for man-made plank. Can use hand knock down a few wood surface, real wood material is crisp sound, while man-made board has a deep voice. Also feel more wood texture, and the average person is paper making skin feel dry.

cut the fourth recruit

finally cut; Framework, some furniture will use real wood, but the side panel, racks, etc. Use the two sub-companies named seaport overlaid particleboard and medium density board, the board of the center position is, in fact, plywood or various scraps of wood. This kind of furniture to see the sample is difficult to identify, but when after installation into the factory, use the position of the screw hole can be seen, if it is particle board will have wood shavings, show the pulp density board, can use this feature to identify.

good furniture is bound to bring home more comfortable, warm atmosphere, so it is particularly important to learn to select good furniture also. Learned that four, everybody all to select the desired furniture!

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