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How to design the small bedroom cloakroom

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-06
A lot of people think whole house cloakroom need, is the patent of big house, for a small room, locker room is definitely a luxury. Actually, small house also can do a cloakroom,

cloakroom can be designed according to different room size, is not only confined to the big room, if the room can squeeze out about 4 square meters space, is enough to do the small closet.

( Customize the cloakroom)

cloakroom is generally divided into embedded, open and independent type 3 kinds.

1, embedded cloakroom: compare save area, using the sunken place (in the bedroom Make several groups of chest) Can, space utilization high, easy to keep clean. It is worth noting that this cloakroom needs professional french country furniture factory according to the production of space shape, and often is only a temporary solution, need to be replaced in the future.

1, open cloakroom: is the use of spare surface, has the advantages of good air circulation and spacious, but this cloakroom dustproof performance is poorer, and, if there is no certain illicit close sex, will set off the big bedroom space is too messy.

2, independent type cloakroom: taller to the requirement of the residential area, is suitable for the large space capacious, has good dustproof, storage space is full, can provide abundant spatial change clothes, etc.

'accordingly, for family living area is finite, embedded is the most suitable, simple groups of chest, its internal do more shelf, drawer, etc. , not only can hold the master clothing, also can rotate shoes and hats, handbags, bath towel, bedding, soft toys, etc.

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