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How to design custom chest

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-25
How to design custom chest? Now popular custom whole wardrobe in the bedroom, such as cabinet, who go on directly to completely joint household space size, receive a powerful, in fact, integral chest design affects the whole household atmosphere, then customize the whole wardrobe should be how to design? Solid wood furniture small make up for the next question for everyone to do a detailed analysis.

at the same time customizable bookcase, TV ark style more unified

now relatively complete custom furniture brand products, consumers can bookcase, wardrobe, TV cabinet and other supporting custom, more can achieve unity on the style of household. Custom class product many modules can be joining together, between the module and can choose different color for interval, meet the personalized needs.

practical space design, avoid

custom wardrobe brand _ a whole wardrobe

to make full use of space, avoid some fancy, in the form of the flashy appearance design, if room area is limited, can consider to set the top ark, make full use of space, for big-ticket items such as bedding. In addition to according to the daily routine for chest internal structure design and the collocation of different functional parts, avoid flashy.

custom integral chest to choose to guard, first see individual be fond of and decorate a style. Second, select the door design, door or gate. If the area of the room is not big, choose train door is better. No matter what style and material selection of door and more details. Such as leather cupboard door, to see if the cortex abrasion scrape resistance; Metal cupboard door, see if not, do not fade, do not change; Glass cupboard door and then to see the border craft is superior, is a wide border or narrow borders, will affect the overall effect of the wardrobe, etc.

in household environment, harmony is beautiful first standard, and seemingly ordinary simple, actually is also a kind of grade quite style. To make furniture is put in the home appear beautiful, premise is to first understand the furniture. At present the furniture style on the market can be divided into normally for Chinese style classic, ou shigu, modern style furniture, etc, but at most, the most common, sale is the biggest still is neuter stylish furniture. How you would like to build your household environment, have to choose corresponding furniture, if the wrong to buy furniture, cannot show its corresponding effect.

custom integral chest how to design? Above is the analysis of the small make up a few key points, can to professional french country furniture company ask stylist to help design, so you can according to your request to customize a set of perfect and comfortable as a whole wardrobe, if you have demand or have any other questions want to consult can consult us directly online customer service, also can directly dial our telephone: 0755 & ndash; — 25943519

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