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How to clean the marble furniture?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-15
ZhiDeGan marble furniture is very strong, has the beauty of a sculpture, natural features, make its have the characteristics of deformation and wear-resisting surface smooth and shiny. Although marble furniture as one of the less popular furniture, its beautiful appearance, but also have their own fans. The summer is coming, in the daily care, how do you clean up the marble furniture? Less water liquid into the marble inside, the word of 'little strokes fell great oaks' is based on the stone in contact with the water for a long time will be corrosion. So the unfavorable clean water in the maintenance of marble. Marble is porous material, usually it is easy to stick dust. So, for the daily care, to regular cleaning, but it's important to note that answers to use water less when the clean, with a slightly damp cloth to wipe with a mild detergent, and then use a clean soft cloth to wipe dry and polished. Available the natural attribute of natural marble cleaner and nurse agent itself because of its material caused by loose, easy to leave a stain, water is sensitive to scratches and damage, if there is no constant maintenance care, will lose luster become gray, even thick hand touch feeling, make the surface has slight damage or wear will happen serious two cases. To wear a serious marble furniture is more difficult, velvet nap of usable steel wire is wiped, use next dynamoelectric burnish machine burnish, make it restores luster. For minor bruises, can use nursing marble furniture special cleaner and nurse agent used for maintenance, the effect will be better. Main component is calcium carbonate can be used neutral agent marble, not contact with acidic liquids, such as vinegar, lemon juice, etc. Household cleanser containing improper ph will undermine its luster, especially acidic cleaner can and stone the calcium carbonate neutralization reaction, make stone form permanent macular. Marble furniture surface fouling and cleaning not clean, use a liquid abrasive cleaner, can choose lemon juice or vinegar, such as partial neutral cleaning agent for the processing of surface dirt, but, at the time of lemon juice stays had better not put in there for a long time to let the marble absorption, time control in 1 ~ 2 minutes, can duplicate an operation when necessary, must use water to wipe it again after wiping, but also to use dry cloth to wipe clean. There are oil pollution in the marble, according to the principle of similar miscibility, ethanol (available Alcohol) , acetone ( Wood alcohol) Wipe or lighter mechanical oil etc, and then clean and dry. If the marble furniture are wine coffee splashes, burns or cigarette butts, consideration should be given, please repair; Deal with cosmetics, tea and tobacco stains, can be in marble furniture surface coated with hydrogen peroxide, stay for two hours, then clean and dry. If your home has marble furniture, try more than a few tips!
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