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How to choose the suitable size of TV? Here is a sweet guide

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

when you have a need to buy TV, you may have wanted to good resolution size, TV usage scenarios and budget cost and a series of problems, but it comes to TV size, you hesitate? You don't know what should buy how much TV, the size of the TV really fit into your living room or bedroom.

TV has been bigger size, this trend will continue in 2019. According to data released by the statistics institutions of, 65 inches and 75 inches television size is the fastest growing market, 55 inches is currently the market mainstream. Let's to a comprehensive overview of all the TV size, provide a reference for you choose TV.

small size TV ( 32 inch and below)

is now on the market the size of the small size of TV is quite regular, this means that, in fact, only a few sizes to choose from. If you just put it on the desktop or on the counter as a monitor, then 20/24 inch is enough. But if you because the space is little, the budget is limited, can only choose small size TV, then 32 inches or 36 inches television is suitable for you.

it should be pointed out that, small size TV is can provide convenience for you, but this at the expense of the cost of image quality. Because if you need to watch film 4 k, 32 inch TV on pixel is unable to meet the demand, they are mostly for the resolution of 720 p ( 1366 x 768 pixels) Or 1080 p ( 1920 x 1080 pixels) 。

although the 4 k resources is not much, but if you want to have a better experience, you should carefully weigh, for the sake of convenience at the expense of experience is worth it.

the price is in 700 yuan - 32 inch TV 1000 yuan.

medium television ( 40 - 43 inches)

now 40/42/43 inches television is regarded as the starting point of 4 k TV series, such as the size of the TV products are usually between image quality and price can achieve a good balance. Image change an Angle to understand, is not very good, the price also is not so beautiful.

4 k can let you watch high-definition TV ( 3840 x 2160 pixels) Content, or connect PS/XBOX equipment feel the charm of 4 k game. Of course it is important to note that many 40 - on the market 4 k 43 inches television is not real 4 k, it requires you to do your homework carefully.

in addition, for some quality set-up technology, this kind of 4 k TV basically don't pick up.

to 40 inches of liquid crystal TV, their prices are usually in the 1700 - 2500 yuan between, of course, some high-end brand may be more expensive, such as SONY's 43 x8500f, price is close to 4500 yuan.

large size TV ( 55, 65, 75 inches and above)

those who truly enjoy families as users, 55, 65, or 75 - inch television may be the best choice. No matter you are a man after drama, a group of people watch the game, large size and 4 k high-definition image quality is absolutely can meet your sensory stimulation.

but there is a problem, in this size scale, the same brand TV function between the difference is not obvious, that is to say, they are in most cases only the size difference.

at this moment, we need to combine their own needs to consider. Like watching football matches users, for example, MEMC motion compensation technology to have best quality, or watching a high-speed motion picture, the picture caton, will be shown the phenomenon of tear, this function will often appear in more than 55 inch TV products.

again, for example, like watching movies TV users, HDR and the function such as dolby panoramic sound is very important, in this way can you have immersed with large size TV viewing experience. Choose a size according to your needs to focus on specific features, is choose large size TV & other; The golden rule & throughout; 。

it is worth mentioning that other 55 inches is the OLED TV minimal size. There is no smaller size of the OLED TV, please also note when buying. A regular prices in 2100-55 inch TV sets 4000 yuan between, of course, also can choose to have a higher end.

and 75 - inch price basic keep in 8500 yuan of above. There are some 85 inches or 95 inches of TV sets to choose from, these dimensions are usually OLED TV or QLED TV, recently the hot 8 k TV also mostly in this size range, it is not cheap, and discomfort and most of ordinary families.

in the end, although we are impressed by the big screen, but remember that a bigger doesn't always mean better.

the larger screen can show more image color, but if it can't deal with higher resolution or do not have low resolution content required quality upgrade technology, you will see is big and fuzzy image. After all, for a bigger screen, need more pixels to fill.

in addition, the large screen will occupy more space, blindly pursue the sitting room pattern of large screen might make you seem very abrupt.

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