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How to choose suitable for the Europe type sofa of the sitting room

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-02
Hair is vital in our living room, sofa material is varied, the choice of different effect on the atmosphere of the sitting room is different also. So how to choose the sitting room sofa? European furniture below small make up can do a simple introduction. 1, taking into account the family habits when sofa of choose and buy, should give full consideration to the family's life habit. Such as: home if there is a 'bear children', considering the ability of resistance to deformation and collapse resistance of sofa; Elderly people in the home, consider the edges and corners of sofa and degree of hardness and softness; Big family age span, considering the versatility of the sofa. 2, consider the suitability of sofa and home style in choosing a sofa even when considering the fitment and the overall environment. The sofa of different materials for different household style. Currently, the sofa of relatively popular in the market there are four major types of cane, cloth art sofa, leather sofa, wooden sofa sofa. 3, considering the size of sofa before choose sofa, can want to good planning in advance a sofa to occupy the space proportion and suitable size, including sofa and other utensils interval space size. In general, when people are sitting, tea table is about 35 - the distance to the sofa It is advisable to 45 cm; If the state of the whole person is buried in the sofa, the sofa, then, to the corridor space will need to set aside 45 - 50 cm. 4, considering the diameter of sofa sofa diameter deep relationship to the degree of comfortable sofa. The sofa diameter deep on market generally divided into two kinds: one kind is 95 cm, suitable for height is 1. 7 meters. 1 a is 105 cm, suitable for height. More than 7 meters. Large diameter deep and 125 cm, the whole body can be completely in the sofa.
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