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How to choose good furniture?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-20
First choose furniture must first determine their own demand: the size of the furniture dimensions of space of bedroom had a greater influence on the visual effect and use effect, unless you are looking for a custom furniture customization, otherwise must be accurate measurement of the indoor put first before buying the size of the location, then choose the size is suitable for furniture, or is vulnerable to the temptation to sell furniture, so of furniture first to choose the furniture of the specifications of the first. Such as buy wardrobe, the width of the cabinet must reach more than 1250 px, if you only more than 1000 px clothes, and the width of the bookcase should in 30 ~ 1000 px, the waste of wide and narrow enough to use. In a word for their own is the best second for high-grade furniture identification method, when choosing furniture, especially also pay attention to check the quality, such as wood moisture content of the high moisture content, wood easy to warp, deformation. The moisture content of furniture should not exceed 12%, generally when consumer is bought, no test instrument, can adopt method of touch, feel with the hand furniture underside or has no place to paint on the inside, if feel feel damp, the moisture content is above 50% at least, it just won't work. Another way can be painted on the wood not sprinkle a little water, if you don't spread and spread and slow or, moisture content is high. Selection of man-made board with deformation, expanding, middle bump phenomenon, wood bibulous rate is too high. From the high ratio of rubber wood is a good choice, moderate price, the material is good too. Is the material used in those unqualified, the surface of the furniture material, such as the gross of desk, chair, ark, calls for hard miscellaneous wood, such as northeast China ash, oak wood, more strong, can load bearing, while internal materials can be made from other materials. The thickness of the wardrobe, leg 62 requirements. 5 px, too thick is clumsy, thin easy to bending deformation. Kitchen, bathroom cabinet can't do with fiberboard, and should use plywood. Because of fiberboard suction power, the water will swell, damage. The dining room table should be washable. Found a bug, foam, wood drying is not complete, cannot buy such furniture, due to the bug the more bite. Check the surface, but also open cupboard door, drawer door to see inside, inside materials have decayed, can use fingernail pinch pinch, pinch in material was rotten inside. With nose smell after open cupboard door, if the blunt nose, dazzling, tears, and the formaldehyde content in cement that is too high, can be harmful to human body. Fortunately this is the characteristic appearance is better identification, see more can distinguish. The most important is whether the structure is firm, small furniture, such as chairs, benches, hanger can on the concrete when choosing a tow, fall off a fall gently, sound is ringing, explain quality is better; If voice FaYa, have split mile beep noise, mortise in combination with imprecise, structure is firm. Word table, the table can use hand shake shake, look at the stable instability. Sofa can sit, shake hard, if not, not soft, no sound, mortise structure is firm. If sit on movement can make twisting, ring, a shake shake, the nail is weak, not take long before. Square table, such as tables, chairs, the legs should have four triangular clip, a fixed role, if not, long time use is likely to fall apart. Can be reversed the tables and chairs when choosing to have a look, can touch the cloth chair. There are four feet whether level off the ground for a desk and chair that put them on the ground shook as he know, some furniture has only three legs. Take a look at the desktop is straight, not bow back or falling down a waist. Desktop bulge, glass plate on spinning; Desktop recessed, put on a glass plate is broken. Points seam can't pay attention to check the cupboard door, drawer is too big, should pay attention to horizontal even vertical, the door can't prolapse. These small problem would not be in here.
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