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How to choose furniture paint paint judgment skills and health

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-15
The harmful material in paint, coating

1, the VOC ( Volatile organic compounds)

VOC is the abbreviation of volatile organic compounds, volatile organic compounds is refers to the paint film is not formed in the organic matter and eventually evaporate into the atmosphere. Volatile organic compounds to evaporate into the air after can react with oxygen in the air to generate ozone, the low-level ozone is harmful to the atmospheric environment and human health.

  2、TDI( Methyl isocyanate resin)

TDI mainly exists in the paint in the decoration, is derived from the synthesis of PU paint curing agent. Beyond the standard free TDI will cause harm to human body, mainly sensitization and stimulation, pain, tears in eyes, conjunctival congestion, cough, chest distress, short of breath, asthma, red papules, or maculopapule, contact allergy symptoms.

3, formaldehyde, formaldehyde is a colorless has a strong irritating smell of gas. Has the characteristics of high volatile, toxicity, 35% & ndash; — 40% of formaldehyde aqueous solution, called formalin. Toxicity of formaldehyde is higher.

4, benzene, toluene and xylene

benzene belongs to toxic substances, toluene, xylene belongs to low toxic substances, inhaled a certain amount of benzene, toluene, xylene will cause poisoning, even can destroy the hematopoietic system, nervous system.

5, soluble heavy metal refers to the density of heavy metals is greater than 4. 5 g/cubic centimeters of metal, such as lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, etc. Part of the resin, pigments in the paint or soluble heavy metals will exist in the drier, if long-term exposure to heavy metal paint, can cause mild neurasthenia syndrome and symptoms of indigestion, JiaoChongZhe paralysis in anemia and lead.

environmental protection paint, paint judgment skills

note whether they contain toxic solvents. Benzene, methanol, glycol ethers are toxic solvents, such as toxic solvents can cause immediate harm to production and construction personnel, after contact with the human body or inhaled can lead to disease, serious can lead to death, and therefore it is important to note whether the coating composition table containing these solvents.

note that solvent use restrictions. Dilution solvent paint, coating use gasoline, turpentine, xylene, water-based acrylic acid, water, etc. , basic environmentally friendly coatings are now using water as solvent. In general after coating is dry, one of the basic can be completely volatile solvent, but some solvent volatilization slowly, long time exposure to toxic solvent, will cause harm to the health of human body. So when the choose and buy must see whether there are strict restrictions on the use of solvents.

the VOC content. The lower the content of the environmental protection. VOC or Volatile Organic compounds, is English Volatile Organic Compound, is refers to under normal temperature and pressure, paint, coating product can to Volatile Organic compounds. Overseas for paint, coating the demarcate of the dosage of solvent becomes more and more strict. Commonly used solvents such as toluene, xylene, butyl ketone, acetic acid ester in limit, alcohol is not exceptional also.

at present no add some coating technology, zero VOC, coating in the production of basic do not add formaldehyde, benzene and other organic volatile, ensure that the product is a real environmental product.

pure real wood custom mainly has the following features:

' Ingredients 】 Our french country furniture are machined to the whole piece of wood. Do not use any cover, products, even if the plane to the surface, inside is exactly the same material. Our oakwood furnitureguarantee absolutely pure real wood production; , do not use any man-made board composition, adhere to the genuine materials, let the customer rest assured the choose and buy.

【 Paint 】 We adopt high quality green wood coatings, natural environmental protection. Do not use benzene class harmful solvents such as, esters, ketones, excluding free TDI, not combustion, without excitant odour, do not contain toxic heavy metals, adhere to the green | health; The environmental protection idea.

【 Price 】 We are factory direct sales, reduce the intermediate links, to bring real benefits to every customer. For customers to provide quality products and perfect service is our tenet.

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