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How to choose annatto furniture?

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-02
Annatto furniture is an international famous and precious furniture, its colour and lustre is grave, delicate texture, woodiness is hard, heavy, elegant modelling, of primitive simplicity, are adored by people.

annatto furniture of choose and buy, should focus on the following:

1. Understand the texture

annatto furniture in general can include red sandalwood, rosewood ( Hainan) , chicken wing wood, rosewood, etc made of all kinds of hardwood furniture. Best with red sandalwood wood, it usually red, woodiness is hard, heavy, thin wood grain, with oily, very beautiful. And general medium quality of annatto furniture is made from rosewood and rosewood, its color reddish, woodiness is lighter annatto, slightly brittleness, wood grain annatto raw. Due to the size of the wood, a annatto furniture often find made of two kinds of wood, this belongs to the normal production process, can be freely when choosing.

2。 Discern between true and false

true annatto furniture, wood itself with purple, yellow, red, terra-cotta-colored or natural red like crimson, grain is exquisite and beautiful, although in color, but is still clearly visible; And imitation solid color paint after the general death, and radiant with very white, no texture, on weight is much lighter than the true annatto furniture.

3。 Considering the style

old annatto furniture modelling of primitive simplicity, elegance, have full-bodied Oriental emotional appeal, but this is just a style of annatto furniture, cannot to antique as the only standard to annatto furniture style. Modern redwood furniture has quite a few western-style modelling, such as line is fluent, beautiful and easy, the modelling of westernization of sofa, desk, etc. In addition, annatto furniture of choose and buy when, also can't light thinking of Chinese and western style, also should pay attention to the place and time style, such as Beijing, Beijing) Pay attention to the work of concentrate, wide ( Guangdong) Type of exquisite thick bold, bright type of concise and practical, clear pattern of exquisite craft, etc.

4。 Considering the structure and work

should pay attention to when choosing french country furniture the rationality of the structure, the scientific nature of mortise and tenon joint advancement of technology, the function is practical, etc. , already practical, rich and appreciation value.

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