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How to choose and buy the European and American furniture bed? The classification of the European and American furniture?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-20
Small make up today is to teach people how to choose and buy european-style furniture inside the bed, and European home has what classification. How to choose and buy the European and American furniture bed: 1, the style, the style of Europe type furniture from mainly divided into European rural furniture, European classic furniture, European style garden furniture pursuit of return to nature, color is given priority to with white, complementary with pattern or the ornament of provisions, the local qi portrayed incisively and vividly. The European classical furniture is more a continuation of the European royal Chambers of aristocratic breath, colour, modelling is high-grade style, noble and elegant. So when selecting a european-style furniture, must consider the bedroom decorate a style, buy Europe type furniture match 2, see material pledge, Europe type furniture on the material consists of solid wood, wood paper art, cloth art, board combined with, such as solid wood furniture in general is more environmental protection, also more costly, but real wood furniture is relatively more expensive; Paper art of Europe type furniture on the modelling is contracted, each have each charm, each have each characteristic. 3, work, the main work is divided into manual and mechanical, carved by hand then of course than mechanical engraving pattern more vivid, more reiki, of course, the value of it is also higher. Manual techniques are filleting, is after a generation after generation to come down, so, not only high value, its cultural appeal is more powerful. European and American furniture category: 1, French furniture, carved romantic and luxurious, French furniture with strong aristocratic palace colour, seiko spy, artistic atmosphere. French furniture on colour with plain and neat, simple and plain. So, have they called French furniture 'furniture' sensibility. And a country with a long history of civilization, it is important in the district domain to maintain and develop the national tradition and the feature of high-quality goods, France's ancient dynasty classical furniture also by its exquisite workmanship, elegant style, deeply furniture enthusiasts around the world recognition. 2, British furniture: composed of royal elegant temperament, British furniture modelling elegant, delicate and full of verve. Tend to focus on the tiny details of create a new meaning, new and try to show the decoration. British furniture is beautiful, elegant and easy to reconcile, and love to use decorations and carved mahogany, the sense that gives a person is composed, elegance. British classic furniture, classic furniture is different from the other countries rich simplicity is of the eighteenth century and the early nineteenth century British classical furniture style, after years of baptism and the precipitation, cordial and quiet charm. 3, the French furniture: exalted atmosphere easy manner, and the outline of American furniture modelling or from Europe type furniture, but carved contracted, only in the place such as the top leg foot, pillars, carve patterns or designs on woodwork ornament, there will not be a large area of sculpture and the adornment of too much, use rise more comfortable. Can be said to be more elegant style, appreciation and comfort. In furniture surface you will see that there are many 'defects,' such as wormholed wood eyes, fire the trace of the meteor, rasp mark, hammer and so on, this is American furniture of a special coating process - — 'Do old'. Create a trace of years honing, show the instinctive quality of lumber, nostalgia, cater to people with natural inner desire. Through the above introduction, believe everybody for European and American furniture of choose and buy of the bed method had certain understanding, European and American furniture bed when the choose and buy, be sure to pay attention to all aspects of the problem, such as the style and material, etc. , on the other hand, Europe and the United States has a lot of classification, the classification of has certain difference, when the choose and buy also look at the be fond of of consumer oneself. Well the above is the small make up to bring us, about how Europe type furniture of choose and buy, and the introduction of the classification of Europe type furniture, hope can bring you help.
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