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How to choose and buy real wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-11
Solid wood furniture. In recent years, the word, is very hot. At that time, solid wood furniture became healthy environmental protection; The pronoun, is wildly popular by the consumers. For this reason, many furniture manufacturer for solid wood furniture; , thus emerged many of solid wood furniture; Different versions of definition, which makes many consumers can't accurate judgment. Although it is a cliche topic, it is necessary to feel or popular science here, truth.

压力; The definition of solid wood furniture

usually, wood furniture, comprehensive wood furniture, oakwood furniturecan be referred to as solid wood furniture, etc. Wood furniture, refers to the main parts in addition to the decoration and accessories, the remaining use the wooden materials such as wood and man-made board furniture; The integrated wood furniture, refers to the base material in a variety of materials such as wood and man-made board furniture produced by mixing; Completely real wood furniture is all material is solid wood, including desktop, closet doors, side plate are made of natural wood, don't use any other form of man-made board furniture.

压力; The pitfalls of solid wood furniture

for solid wood furniture, consumers generally exist the following error:

1. is not all solid wood french country furniture such as

completely real wood furniture is to point to any part of the furniture is the natural log are used, do not contain any man-made board furniture, is also high to the requirement of production process; But real wood furniture may be used to real wood man-made plank, might exist essential difference between both on the material, so the real wood furniture is not equal to is not completely real wood furniture. In addition, the price above is also have very big difference between the two, when consumer is buying to polish eyes, don't in the price of completely real wood furniture bought a bunch of solid wood furniture.

2。 is not absolute environmental protection

consumers in solid wood furniture of choose and buy when, in order to please consumers, merchants in the introduction usually thrown when zero - formaldehyde; Such as concept, but in fact is the lack of scientific basis. part if use man-made board, some of them will use glue, to achieve zero formaldehyde; Is basically impossible, can only say that formaldehyde release a quantity; In a safe range. If that were all solid wood furniture? Is the absolute environmental protection? Not necessarily! Completely real wood furniture production has a very important link in the process of coating; , some manufacturers to reduce costs, may choose some substandard paint, that buried a safety hazard to use in the future.

3。 Online real wood furniture of environmental protection has hidden

with the rise of the electricity industry, online furniture also more and more, but furniture complaints regarding quality problems are also more and more frequent, such as formaldehyde, smelly, shoddy material. Choose real wood furniture, we figure is an environmental protection; , cannot be keen on gaining petty advantages, blindly buy inferior solid wood furniture, detrimental to the health of the family. Proposal consumer is buying real wood furniture, had better choose well-known brands, and scan the related certificate, details clearly before buying.

压力; The influence factors of solid wood furniture

solid wood furniture with healthy environmental protection; Is known, but it is not perfect, there are some defects, but as long as we are in daily use in the process of looking, also could well be avoided.

1。 Natural beauty

solid wood furniture to retain the natural wood texture, in addition, also there may be a mineral line and color changes, such as natural tree festival marks, these did not affect the general appearance of solid wood furniture, make furniture more rich natural beauty instead.

2。 Temperature and humidity changes

wood, like a person's skin is there are many pores, is breathing. When the moisture out of the surrounding environment is heavier, the wood will automatically absorbs moisture from the environment and cause distention; Similarly, if the temperature is higher, in the surrounding environment is likely to lead to wood local contraction, thus, the phenomenon of the cracking. Real wood furniture also has certain requirements for temperature and humidity, we should try to avoid excessive temperature and humidity in everyday use.

3。 Lighting effects

solid wood furniture should avoid direct sunlight, because the sun's uv rays can damage to paint film on the surface of the furniture, serious when can hurt the wood itself, cracking phenomenon. So, in the case of limited position, you should use the curtain to keep out the light.

solid wood furniture; Topics emerge in endlessly, small make up today on science with everybody so several aspects of content, hope will help everyone to real wood furniture of choose and buy, not into some unnecessary misunderstanding.

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