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How to calculate the ambry price

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-16
Integral ambry not only to meet the storage, cleaning, catering, cooking, eating traditional function, but also become a dress up household a major bright spot. People more and more high to the requirement of ambry, general requirement ambry has the size of the coordination, proper color & hellip; … But when the choose and buy ambry of a lot of people tend to ignore the price, so that under the dealer's offer at random, is generally spend high price to buy the product.

generally, ambry includes cabinet put oneself in another's position, cupboard door, mesa, hardware, etc. , the price of ambry also is composed of these parts, so to speak, the pros and cons of parts quality and price directly affects the use of ambry, and quality.

sells on the market the ambry of cabinet put oneself in another's position is multi-purpose and added to the fire, not very big influence on the price.

cupboard door is the face of the whole cabinet, usually have blister moulding closet door, cabinet door of the lacquer that bake, crystal metal sealing side cabinet doors, double veneer cabinet doors, solid wood cabinet door, etc.

1, blister moulding cupboard door: mainly USES the thickness of 18 mm MDF, the surface of PVC film, after vacuum forming, film has no sealing side, the overall sealing good, after graphics, modelling is rich, wear-resisting, etc.

2, paint cupboard door, most use medium density board, and after milling, processing of the lacquer that bake, with bright color, fight corrupt ability strong, easy to clean, etc.

3, crystal metal sealing side of cupboard door, most use particle board, density board or big core board base material, surface pressure spray ink acrylic finishing, aluminum alloy side four bread, crystal clear, bright color.

4, panels closet door, the door frame for MDF, outsourcing row PVC film, the thickness of the embedded for 8 mm gather hydrogen ammonia three and blister veneer, not easy deformation, moistureproof prevent stroke performance is good, and so on.

5, the double veneer cabinet door: also called melamine plate cupboard door, both sides of the same color, all PVC edge, simple manufacturing process, product quality is generally.

6, solid wood cabinet door: mostly use MDF paste wood veneer, not easy to deformation and cracking.

different material, craft, structure of the cabinet door, its price difference is bigger.

there are many kinds of ambry mesa, common are man-made stone mesa, had unexpectedly stone countertops, fireproof board, stainless steel mesa mesa, etc. Man-made stone mesa in currently the most widely used in ambry, generally can be divided into seamless and sewing machine has two, have wear-resisting, acid, high temperature resistant, resistant to impact, compressive strength, bending strength, permeability and other properties. Natural stone countertops mainly high-grade granite, marble natural stone material in the material, elegant texture hard, scratch resistant and good wear resistance. Is the real role of refractory refractory plate mesa, advantage is affordable, bright color, wear resistance and high temperature resistant performance is good, but easy to water erosion, and because of be affected with damp be affected with damp variant. Stainless steel mesa is bright and clean and bright, clean easily, strong and durable.

ambry hardware mainly include hinge, slide rail, pull basket, etc. , they must be able to adapt to the kitchen environment humidity, lampblack to many factors, such as more hardware quality is critical to the normal use of ambry and life.

at present, the cabinet industry, the most common way of quotation is according to the linear meter valuation is calculated according to the length of the cabinet cabinet put oneself in another's position: linear meter price ( In domestic outfit generally refers to calculate the width of the french country furniture or decoration project. Such as cabinet put oneself in another's position, are generally how much yuan per meter, and then doing how wide is multiplied by the unit price, is usually called the unit price per linear meter unit price) Times the length of ambry. There is a way to offer, that is, according to the actual quantity valuation ground ark and condole ark.

special tips: both custom-made integral ambry and their processing ambry, must first buy kitchen appliances, even if you don't buy, also must first determine the brand, model, etc. , and inform the processing personnel, let them understand the corresponding size, ambry to determine the specific pattern. If you don't know in advance electrical model, size, it could have been processed ambry and choice of electric does not match.

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