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How the entire household cleaning

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-04

'the entire household'

the whole wood furniture, is to provide a whole set of home decoration real wood products for consumers and customers the overall style of the solution, but, after all, wood is a natural material, and the deformation crack is prone to be affected with damp be affected with damp, so we need more in the household life, in addition to the maintenance, also need to pay attention to clean

one of entire household cleaning: in addition to the oil on the wooden furniture. Tea is an excellent cleaner, wipe, spray a small amount of flour to wipe again, finally will corn flour to wipe clean. Corn flour can absorb all adsorption on the surface of the furniture, stolen goods, make the surface smooth and bright.

one of the entire household cleaning, polishing. Wooden entire domestic outfit product will often rely on polishing to remove stains and small particles, in order to increase the beauty of appearance. Will polish coating on the clean white soft cotton cloth, please save use polish, because a small amount of polish can make entire domestic outfit product is like new, along the wood texture to polish to wipe the entire domestic outfit product, wipe with a clean piece of cloth in addition to the extra polish.

one of entire household cleaning: furniture was scratched. If the french country furniture to be scratched, but does not touch upon the wood under the paint film, can use soft cloth with a little melted wax liquid, paint coating the wound, cover scars.

one of entire household cleaning: log furniture products, the biggest advantage is to perfect the wood grain, and change the natural color. Due to natural wood is constantly breathing organism, must therefore be placed in a temperature and humidity appropriate environment, at the same time must avoid overheating beverage, chemicals, or objects placed on the surface, so as to avoid damage on the surface of the wood natural color. Only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, can make the wood furniture.

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