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How should Europe type sofa furniture clean

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-23
Many families have a special liking to leather sofa, not only because of its simple sense, leather sofa looks will be easy to clean, scrub with wet cloth, generally removes the trouble of unpick and wash, leather sofa also needs daily care, however, it is no good if the daily maintenance, can lead to aging cortex, affect the using life. If accidentally in daily use and difficult to clean the stain, also can let sofa recognition. So daily how to maintain leather sofa? A, general cleaning: first clean soft cloth is to be used to clean the dust, and then use soft 'soap and water or 1:20 solution soak dry after shampoo, quietly scrub the stains. Second, the dermal sofa pollution is serious, not only lose the original luster, and dirt to enter into the dermis wool stoma. Will the dirt washed clean, needs to use cleaning sofa dedicated steam engine and special cleaning agent. Using steam cleaning sofa sofa, do an experiment in an inconspicuous area first, to see whether the cortex fade, fade as with other methods. Third, remove adhesive materials ( Such as chewing gum) : can use ice packs or ice water after cooling, take fine silk scrubbing away quietly. Four, remove a ball-point pen or ink traces: soft rubber scrubbed are available, and to avoid fade, at the stain to drop a few drops of water, avoid using alcohol and corrosive chemical solutions. Five, the cleaning in the future, should give a layer of protective liquid on sofa, in order to avoid dirt again into cortex capillary cause secondary pollution. Protective fluid had better use soft leather sofa dedicated liquid wax, or leather will harden agile aging.
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