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How should Europe type furniture: French rural style collocation

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-22
Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to explain to you, how do French rural style of Europe type furniture collocation. A, Europe type is decorated in fireplace is indispensable. Because traditional european-style fireplace heavy is not suitable for home and pure and fresh style, so directly by the carpenter has made this master false fireplace. It both make up for the door and the door in the middle of the kitchen big empty the disadvantages of bad treatment, as well as some small jewelry display. Furthermore, we use the kitchen to the rest of the wall brick fireplace under the walls of ideas, not only conform to the natural elements of rural style, also play a coordinating echo the function of sitting room color from the color. Second, wrought iron not only make up for the porch from the point of view of feng shui taboo ( Take in everything in a glance) that take the door From the door, and have attracted the attention of people, at the same time, wrought iron rack can be placed next to their favorite chinaware. Three, decorative elements ( 1) French the bedroom of rural style everywhere green plant flowers and the elegant cloth art of a variety of colors. ( 2) Wild flowers is the best accessories in French rural style, because it is the most direct communicate a kind of natural breath, has a sense of directly touch the earth. Sitting room hung in the window sill in elegant cloth curtain, powder green metope, lavender and bedroom metope, the same color of small broken beautiful home textile and curtains and so on all make our rich and happy mood. ( 3) Rural style casual to deserve to act the request, pay attention to the mood of nostalgia, a story is the best accessories such as old stuff. Fourth, the bedroom atmosphere build, what is important is the use of cloth art. Curtain and sofa cloth art, for example, should be in color and texture can build on, if can and metope colour cloth art sofa at the same time, a soft lithe and graceful color contrast, coupled with the appropriate color of the furniture, the colour collocation of whole room can achieve the result that is harmonious and wonderful. In general harmonious easy appear flat, and wonderful and easy colour is too light or too heavy, to produce visual fatigue. Five, deserve to act the role of decorate, 1) Deserve to act the role of plain design at will. Using natural materials, artifacts, and the warm color with simple but elegant, emphasize the kind warmth, naturalness of decoration and generous natural flavor. ( 2) 'Natural, comfortable, environmental protection and travel. like' French rural amorous feelings, extensive use of broken beautiful design all kinds of cloth and hang adorn, with French furniture elegant outline and elegant droplight bring out the best in each other. ( 3) Generally used real wood grain wood material, cotton prints, manual textile cloth, tweed and yarn fabric, etc. Natural cutting stone, the stone material of special shape. Pattern basic for the plaid, flowers and plants, such as vertical stripes. ( 4) Furniture, details, can use the natural material such as the cane makes up furniture, planting and dry flowers or fireplace. Use warm color department can make integral space warm and cozy. Six, colour collocation, 1) Use lively color to build smooth feeling of the space. ( 2) French rural style full of delicate features. It easily and has the natural characteristics of the color such as yellow, green, and green plants collocation use together, jointly interpret soft bedroom atmosphere. ( 3) Our living room USES pink is green, the study is powder blue, the master bedroom is pink violet, through the pale pink dotted with harmonious collocation. If a room at the same time the use of more than three color, make the space appears fragmented. Europe type furniture, French furniture collocation result due to pure French style palace of heavy and complicated and a lot of details of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is not suitable for our small and medium-sized family, also have no strong economic basis to choose French furniture. Therefore, we remove the French style of these complex elements, keep the trace of the relatively pure and fresh and pure. For instance the metope of color, flower, cloth art, and the utilization of porcelain ornaments, etc. These are in the sitting room in my house well. With coordination of adornment decorates a style, rural style or European style. Very important is the choice of all kinds of accessories, such as French style commonly used China hang dish, vase and the clamp, etc. To do both harmonious and wonderful, it is necessary to master mastery of colour has very strong ability. Ok that is the small make up for all of Europe type furniture on French rural style furniture description of how to together, hope can bring you some help.
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