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How should crack of Europe type furniture repair

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-18
As we all know, Europe type furniture is very beautiful but also briefly presented so maybe problems, for example we going to talk about today's topic, european-style crack how to repair a few words. Process one: prepare some waste newspapers, cut with scissors into crumbs. Second process: in the paper scraps to appropriate alum, stir to mix well. Third process: the confetti and alum mixture into ready containers in advance, for a small amount of water, stir again. Process four: the container above soft fire, cooked into a paste. The process of cooking to stir. Five processes: cooked paste mixture into into the cracks of the solid wood furniture, let dry on their own. Process 6: use paint pen maybe special furniture grade pen on strengthening regional coated with color, with the furniture color is harmonious.
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