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How much do you know the assumptions underlying solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-21

everyone when buying french country furniture is in a state of a struggle, for instance by buying house has produced a negative news is exclusive.

and buy furniture is a big deal, because the use fixed number of year of furniture is relatively long, is the need to spend a lot of time to carefully selected.

these days, many people prefer solid wood furniture, high performance/price ratio, and think of solid wood furniture. So, today small make up just to buy real wood furniture for example, allows you to learn this kind of furniture of choose and buy, don't waste time worrying about something it doesn't matter!

when a oakwood furniturewith hidden rules;

first of all, you are buying real wood french country furniture, will habitually first Internet search data refer to the relevant knowledge, but you remember don't easily believe that the three rumors about solid wood furniture.


solid wood furniture absolute environmental protection?

environmental protection is relative. Pure natural material is environmental protection, but from the general environment, man-made board with lumber quantity is relatively less, and utilization, high production efficiency, high-tech development nowadays, most of plank furniture also conform to the provisions of the state environmental protection index. Even if the taste is not heavy, but there are some furniture material is still not qualified. So, before buying, businesses must be required to produce relevant certificate of environmental protection.


straight spell better than refers to pick up material?

not necessarily. Straight spell material stitching process is difficult, but it is easier to fracture in the location of the sheet of the splice. Refers to material and integrated timber is made with brushwood, make the lumber utilization rate of the highest. Both, compared to the relatively stable performance.


the heavier wood more hard quality more better?

is not absolute. Like teak, pineapple grid, such as the stability is good wood, their density is not high, so the quality is good or bad of real wood is not necessarily associated with hardness and weight.

how solid wood furniture appearance of three methods:


first, see if there is a scar appearance, both sides have the same scar, represents the material is bad;


second, see mu wen, different species of wood grain, but on both sides of the texture should be one to one correspondence;


third, see section, in general, the color of the cross section depth than the panel.

there are also many furniture surface right left a layer of a layer of coating, glossy, like car polishing a degree of membrane, some simply don't see the wood color. But there are some tree species of wood processing after really can have such effect, but not too special.

special remind, fake wood is the most real wood door; , this line is the basic, simple design, convenient processing, general structure, and to have the sealing side, the most common is the composite solid wood door, fir the soft-core + + package delivery + package installation that stick a skin, because the process of installation to shrinkage cavity, with hinge, one open to turn a Lou farcing, so they will be tired of door the owners at the same time.

so when furniture of choose and buy to multi-dimensional screening situation, so as not to buy a home found inside the small problems, repent at leisure.

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