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How long stay in the best of Europe type furniture, bridal chamber is decorated

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

a lot of people know just decorate good house there are many & other; Invisible safety & throughout; , such as toxic substances such as formaldehyde is need time to dissipate. So, after how long stay in french country furniture, bridal chamber is decorated is appropriate?

a, after decorating, how long you can stay?

under the condition of good ventilation conditions: at least 2 - 3 months.

why so long to check in?

the toxic substances such as formaldehyde after decorating is very big to the harm of human body, for example, can lead to: respiratory disease, infertility, leukemia and other diseases. So in order to stay healthy, decorate bridal chamber after don't rush in.

2, decorate how long after, a pregnant woman can check in?

at least three months, as long as possible! Because of toxic pollutants such as formaldehyde epicuticular baby is extremely serious, the influence of the light body is bad, or may lead to deformity, leukemia, etc. Had better be in half a year later, if you don't have so much time and so on, had better open the window every day, put some easy absorption of toxic gas such as aloe vera, activated carbon, for people in pregnancy, to pay attention to all aspects, after all, the fetus is very affected, so the newly decorated house later as far as possible to live in.

three, decorate how long after, the baby can stay?

if you have a baby in the home, it is best to stay after 6 months. After decorating advice well ventilated, doors and Windows are open, suggest put some green plants, best buy a air purifier, children's words suggested to be suitable in after half a year.

new decorating room in 2 - commonly After 3 months, and in the case of a ventilated, if in addition to formaldehyde method is to use a good, also can shorten the check-in time, can grow some plants in the room, such as bracketplant, mother-in-law, orchid, bamboo of curvature of the spinal column, aloe and other hot day scavenger, studies have shown that the mother-in-law and bracketplant can absorb more than 80% of the country's indoor harmful gas, the ability to absorb toxic substances.

in the end, to recommend some to formaldehyde method:

1, open doors and Windows, ventilation

new decorate good house to remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell, the first thing to do the first step is to open a window ventilated derailed the cabinet door and the drawer open at the same time, through the way of air convection, the use of formaldehyde will be diluted to outdoor side by side. This step is simple, but also pay attention to the weather conditions, once the wind blows, the rain pours, must be timely close the doors and Windows, so as to avoid wind rain break in a new decorate household environment.

tip: in order to improve the ventilation effect can also be considered in the room on a floor fan by shaking mode to speed up the indoor air convection.

2, activated carbon, the result is right also

although through days of ventilated can effectively speak formaldehyde emissions to the outside, but for some corners and close all parts of the formaldehyde residue is very high. Therefore, can be used to purchase activated carbon bag, cooperate to use natural Maya blue air purifying agent, to play a role in addition to formaldehyde adsorption residual formaldehyde, the effect will be better.

tip: charcoal package usually suggested usage for about 20 square meters room 15 ~ 20 packages ( 50 g/bag) Drawer, cabinet, according to size placed 1 ~ 2 package.

3, planting potted, beautiful green

bridal chamber that has decorated by a series of measures can basically eliminate formaldehyde smell, but the residual formaldehyde taste usually is very small even can't feel and 3 ~ 5 years. Therefore, whether before or after removal of formaldehyde were suggested to buy some plants such as bracketplant, mother-in-law and aloe etc. These plants not only easy to grow with it can effectively remove formaldehyde, beautification household environment is a good choice.

tip: bracketplant is usually a room placed 1 ~ 2 basin, but it is not recommended in the bedroom.

4, black tea can also go to formaldehyde

take 300 grams of black tea into the basin, and then use boiled water brew black tea, black tea pot again placed in the room, and open a window ventilated, for a week, can remove formaldehyde and peculiar smell.

5。 Coal ash to formaldehyde

3 - 5 burnt coal or 400 grams of coal ash, in plastic bags, reoccupy basin is put in the room. A week later, the basic removal of formaldehyde and peculiar smell.

may have friends ask, if companies looking for measuring formaldehyde measuring point is normal, whether can in advance?

my answer: no.

a family to decorate good is not only hard on problems, late and soft outfit, furniture, cabinet put oneself in another's position, mattresses and may lead to overweight, if conditional friend bought furniture aside time after some of the best.

tip: currently on the market many of them are free formaldehyde measurement information, such as whether to charge, please pay more attention to have a plenty of free provide only one point, since want to test, can not only measure the sitting room, bedroom, second lie, such as bedroom of accidents? The above personal opinions. Above is the design director ming-xue zhang answered for you, hope to be of help.

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