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How log furniture locks in moisture?

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-17
After the autumn, the weather gradually become dry, and also significantly reduce the moisture in the air, not only the body is easy to 'lose' furniture also prone to material shrinkage, cracks bigger even 'irritated' symptom such as ceramic tile fall off. To this, the personage inside course of study says, don't take lightly after choice inexpensive furniture products, furniture maintenance of the late are equally important. Autumn dry log furniture easily weather-shack recede the summer sorching burning sun, autumn weather although no violent sunlight, but long time of sunlight and dry weather, it's easy to let furniture especially woodiness furniture appear local cracks and fade. 'Autumn is the gold season that decorate bridal chamber, this time the wooden plank is not easy to get damp, it is easy to become dry paint, latex paint, so many owners choose to decorate this season. 'The rich furniture pan is introduced, many owners to decorate finished, generally will not immediately, some will be left half a year, some harmful gas such as sending out about before you move in, the owner is used as a reserve room for others. But to some owners depressed, this is new to buy furniture, after a winter, unexpectedly appeared different degree of cracks. 'So some owners would doubt the quality of the furniture is there is a problem, find we ask for a refund or compensation for the seller, but it's not. 'He tells a reporter, now some sellers advising clients to postpone the year spring and maintenance way is to have a point. 'Autumn wind is bigger, easy to bring dust inside a window ventilated. Put some of the log furniture, like a home usually have elegant decoration of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, so it is easy to accumulate dust in the small gap. If you don't regularly clean ash, it is easy to damage the furniture of beautiful. In addition, the long time sun and already dry air, woodiness furniture cracks and local fade easily. 'Antifouling to dust' water lock 'live' because of fear of dry weather in autumn furniture is easy craze, I basically every day of solid wood furniture in the home with wet dishcloth will again, although not the dust on the furniture, but become bleak, paint on the surface of the oil color is less bright than the original. 'Citizens liu some distress. 'Just blindly with wet cloth to wipe, clean for a long time can only in addition to ash, but if you want real wood have burnish, needs furniture service. 'Some brand furniture sales, said Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter in the dry season, it is best to maintain a solid wood furniture,' can please master furniture beauty door-to-door maintenance already, also can buy their own furniture maintain wax, waxing polishing after many times, furniture basically is refreshed. 'In addition to some solid wood furniture, such as some leather sofa furniture products are also easy to fall due to lack of leather chaps and hardening. 'In addition, some customers are accustomed to place some furniture in high humidity room, so it is easy to cause damage to skin surface membrane, shorten service life. As a result, such as toilet, bathroom, kitchen room shoulds not be configured leather or valuable furniture of real wood classes. Wipe the leather furniture, don't use a wet towel or wet cloth, usually with dry cloth to wipe. 'Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter warns that have leather furniture in the home, had better wipe after the dust on the surface on the maintenance of the special oil of leather, such as glass furniture, should avoid damp, away from the oven, to cut off from acid, alkali and other chemical reagents, prevent corrosion deterioration. Solid wood furniture look at the pattern and the scar knot in order to prevent weather-shack, crack phenomenon such as furniture, choose good quality when buying furniture products is key, especially for solid wood furniture. 'On the market at present the real wood furniture roughly two kinds, one kind is pure solid wood furniture, the other is imitation solid wood furniture. All the material is solid wood furniture, while the latter from the appearance point of view of the natural grain of lumber, look and feel like solid wood furniture, but in fact is the furniture of real wood and man-made board production. 'According to Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter, as a table, solid wood furniture and panel furniture price differs one thousand yuan of above. Compared with imitation solid wood furniture, solid wood of special material to form the natural color and texture, wood, generally the higher the wood density, the greater the strength is, the better the quality, also more durable. 'Now ordinary solid wood furniture usually adopt beech, white oak, manchurian ash, elm, materials, and valuable annatto furniture mainly adopts rosewood, rosewood, etc. 'However, in the face of good and evil people mixed up of solid wood furniture market, shoddy, confused phenomenon common occurance of tree species, and how to judge whether a set of furniture is made from real wood, the key is to see the wood grain and scar. 'Solid wood furniture has a natural wood texture, a good solid board, you see a pattern from the front, pull open cupboard door, the corresponding position also can see the corresponding pattern. Similarly, pure real wood usually have a scar on the front of the location, on the other side also have scars. 'Finally, Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter to warn customer, solid wood furniture is the main drawback is easy to deformation, maintenance is difficult, sometimes even qualified solid wood furniture products deformation and cracking phenomenon, so after bought assured of furniture products, don't forget to wax maintenance on a regular basis.
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