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How European furniture design

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-31
Small make up to explain to you, today how European furniture design. Modern design style tend to be concise, this trend also bring simple, unadorned elements into European style design. Pay attention to the atmosphere of Europe type style, luxury, but if the room is small, and don't lose heart, because as long as pay attention to in detail, the same will create success. - The choice of furniture, decorate with hard on European details should be match, select brunet, with western design and restoring ancient ways is very westernized modelling furniture, in accordance with the great atmosphere and fundamental key. - Wallpaper can choose a few more features to decorate the room, stripes and broken flower is also very common. - Lamps and lanterns can choose a few contour line is some downier or the lamp with downy light, resembling lamp of iron art branch is right choice, there is a little model, there is a little clumsy. - Europe type style to decorate the room should choose line trival, looks more massive frame, can be matched, and does not repel the colour, carve patterns or designs on woodwork looks even more solemn appearance, on the contrary, this is what style. - But to make series, the style is unified. At the same time, some cloth fabric and texture are very important, such as silk fabrics will look more noble. - Europe type style is decorated in the main role of the ground should take on the carpet. The comfortable foot feeling of carpet and elegant unique character and western-style furniture collocation. When the choice is the best design and colour quietly elegant, relatively too flashy ground may be conflicts with European classical halcyon harmony. Well above is about small make up for everybody introduction, the introduction of Europe type furniture design, hope can bring you help.
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