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How autumn rainy season | solid wood furniture moisture?

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-02

in wet weather conditions, oakwood furniturequality again good also to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp, wet places and the south of China should be more furniture moisture maintenance, furniture maintenance, after all, if improper, will shorten the service life of furniture. Below small make up and everyone together to learn, how to maintenance in a humid environment good solid wood furniture.

1, dehumidification package moistureproof

the supermarket has many dedicated to moistureproof dehumidification hygroscopic box and desiccant bag, the home can be placed in solid wood furniture drawer moisture absorption. Use after a period of time, remove the box or bag material, to put some lime or other bulk after the dryer can be used again.

2, waxing desiccant moisture

nowadays, a lot of oakwood furniturepassed strict dry processing procedures before they go out, but this does not mean that can not moisture. To deal with the water drops on solid wood french country furniture, can on the dry cloth dips in solid wood special cleaner, the detergent evenly coated on the surface of the furniture, then wipe gently, this kind of cleaner can form a layer of protective film on the surface of solid wood furniture, to a certain extent tissue water vapor permeability; Or posted on the furniture surface moisture absorbent paper.

and wax can not only make furniture isolation most of the water vapor and air achieve moistureproof effect, but also can carry bright surface of furniture, beautiful furniture.

3, ventilation moistureproof

oakwood furnitureshould as far as possible away from Windows and doors. When the humidity outdoor big, should the upper hand in the direction of doors and Windows closed, only open doors and Windows in the downwind direction, in order to reduce water vapor into the interior. To be the weather clears the humidity outdoor variable hours, can open all the doors and Windows, accelerate the evaporation. Moisture is the most important time every morning and every evening, the air humidity is higher in the middle of the two time, if not timely shut the doors and Windows, water vapor would penetrate into every corner of the home.

easy expansion mould after solid wood furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp. It might as well have a stale place to put a piece of soap, or put dried tea leaves into the gauze bag in, help to eliminate mildew flavour.

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