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Household act the role ofing is tasted and household style collocation technique

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-12

the bedroom hangs a picture of the main point: a adornment, abstract ascension space: in the past, many families place decoration indoor do not pay attention to, think it is a gild the lily, and even some families put adornment picture, painting will choose the content of the flowers and plants and worms. As people aesthetic temperament and interest high, when choosing adornment also should conform to the indoor whole decorate a style. Now, more and more people like simple and lively modern decorate a style. Modern style home assembly simple abstract painting, can have the effect of room to improve. Second, the line of sight for the first point is the best location: into the house the line of sight of the first point is the most the right adornment picture, so you don't feel very empty on the wall in the home, the line of sight is not good, also can produce new and fresh. Three, adornment Angle to change the line of sight direction: in the past, people thought that adornment can only on one side wall is central, but in the current design, many designers like adornment is put in the corner. Angle is referring to the interior space Angle, such as two sitting room metope Angle of 90 degrees. On the two sides wall corner, put two pictures in the one side wall that parallel the same style on the other side of the wall painting, forming the wall L combination, this asymmetry beauty can increase the appeal of the layout, interior also won't have cabined feeling. In addition, the adornment Angle and shift by the line of sight to remind the host space.

4, stair adornment picture can be irregular: if one up the stairs, you are on the metope of a very large area, you can ask professional personage to directly on the wall painting design. This method is very creative, can be in accordance with the design drawing. In addition, if the area is not large, can be put in the shape of the stair corner as the stair adornment picture is not very regular, the effect is very good also.

5, the color choice is taboo: decoration not only can put behind inside the sitting room sofa, TV on metope, inside the bedroom, still can put on the wall to the outside of the kitchen, balcony, villa. Don't choose a negative adornment, dead, try to choose inside the sitting room is bright, lively and tonal, if indoor decoration color very sedate, such as walnut color, can choose senior ash, partial adornment art. Six, adornment shape to that coincide with space shape: if metope adornment of space is a rectangle, you can choose same shape decoration, generally USES the size of the medium size.

7, adornment to that coincide with adornment detail: choose the right adornment, can be compared with some creative decorations, such as small sculptures, manual ashtrays, etc. , in detail and adornment photograph echo, also can achieve the result that expect is less than.

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