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Home decoration tips ( On)

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-05

( The preface] Home decoration is a science, but also an art. Here, let us together to explore some tips in the household adornment:

pieces sitting room lighting has exquisite

the sitting room should be a whole bedroom light ( In the natural lighting and artificial lighting) The highest one, of course, the window is not absolute, but is relative. Maybe in some practical activities ( Such as watching TV or something) You don't need to very bright light, but in other daily living activities, the light is indispensable. Pieces

the sitting room shoulds not be dark

the sitting room feng shui first heavy light, so try to avoid too much thick pot on the balcony, so as not to keep out the light. Strong, bright sitting room can bring home sitting room wall also is so unfavorable choose too dark tonal. Pieces

the sitting room should use more round shape ornaments

the sitting room is the place that family and friends together, the need to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere. Circle to Yang, is the symbol of the dynamic, so round, smallpox modelling of lamp act the role ofing, which leads the warm and lively atmosphere and decorations.

pieces of little space decorate, answer to be given priority to with the person, receive a complementary

small empty decorate, answer to be given priority to with the person, receive with french country furniture for complementary. Because the space is little, really have no spare place to put those never wear clothes and use less than cup, want to remember, because we need to complete the function of the operation, just can have the production of furniture, receive, rather than the need to receive only do the cabinet. Pieces

let disorderly balcony refreshing

if no children's exclusive room in the home, the balcony also can as a storeroom of children's products. For example, can be stacked small locker most save space. And large storage box, can receive a children's books, magazines and other items.

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