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Home decoration tips ( Below)

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-08

( Sequel] Home decoration tips

in pieces with wall paint color, creating visual stereo feeling

is the most effective change household atmosphere paint material, generally people think little space area is relatively short, must be white-washed walls have the effect of space to expand, actually otherwise, if color wall color chosen properly, it can make sense of depth, widen the space visual effect.

pieces sitting room furniture display tips

furniture of the display mode can be divided into two categories: rules ( Symmetry) Type and freestyle. Little space french country furniture decorates appropriate to focus to the main, large space is given priority to with scattered. Pieces

low degree of the ceiling; Create the highest the dimensional feeling of

the space to do big, must want to heads from the ceiling. Ceiling will reduce a do casually 30 cm in height, as a result, the ceiling if no clutter is no ceiling; If have a certain need ceiling, can do not only can do only local ceiling finish line between can also cause high and low visual design.

pieces make sitting room background wall opportunely

setting wall is practical in small family model in power today has become more and more popular. Some TV setting wall near the balcony that leads to the condole top modelling is very special, if you come to find that in fact is a door to another room, the door of the production is unique design on the door.

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