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High-end personage favorite European furniture decoration

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-25
Europe type furniture or the pursuit of solemn grand, emphasize the rational harmonious serenity, or the pursuit of romantic adornment sex, and irrational infinite fantasy, drama and passion. In numerous furniture style, it is the most can reflect master grade is the symbol of the noble life. Europe type furniture style of nobility, the general collocation also act the role ofing is tasted of classicle style is more appropriate, only in this way can reflect the Europe type furniture classical breath and lasting appeal. 。 。 。 In European household with real wood, such as ( Ju wood) Can reflect furniture furniture collocation is the most classic breath. European furniture has the characteristics of luxury, with noble, romantic breath, wrought iron chandelier crystal droplight can be a very good match, ascension home brings the visual impact of beauty! Oil painting with European flavor, is the good partner of Europe type furniture collocation, both match each other, complement each other. Bedding and curtain, also want to into consideration, the curtain can choose usu compose the tassel or lace fabric to match, add a little romance to domestic outfit quality. As mysterious as a black, elegant and dignified and do not break like moonlight gently set composed in a body such as a home, the hostess of the noble elegance and master the wisdom mature imperceptibly thick spikes, smooth curve, natural texture, smooth colour and lustre is a new unique brush in the flow of time, slowly precipitation.
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