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High-end furniture trends

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-11

from the live links, high-end furniture is to restore and improve people's lives. Whether Chinese style furniture, or American, British, French, Italian and other European furniture, are from the design of the product function and form, traditional form and aesthetic appearance design, rise to cultural design, environmental design, environment design, focus on a full range of experience.

look from my idea, good french country furniture, is a kind of quality, grade and the construction of a better life. ; A senior designer. Combined with the analysis of the 'China white paper on household design', 2015 years, good quality, and have collection value of the high-end furniture, will show some popular new trend.

a high-end furniture design, light costly

light are starting to follow the low-key luxury, luxury line. It attracted a diverse in design classic, sweet and comfortable, personalized, high-tech and other elements, and mainly reflect unique, elegant style, the pursuit of high-end distinguished visual art, creating top enjoyment of life.

2, emotional expression

design is alive, furniture also is to have the life, a kind of simple sense and vitality of the furniture design, cannot ego words, and can meet the owner desires to live, to the owner.

high-end furniture design began to show the understanding of the function, space and spiritual thinking, in-depth insight into the needs of different groups, focus on furniture after different collocation, can build the atmosphere that gives consumers a spiritual. Of course, the key lies in the aesthetic and express the user's attitude to life.

3, nature is the source of inspiration still

people yearning nature, desire to live in the natural green environment. It will significantly affect the high-end furniture design and production, such as American sunshine coast toward, British rural wind, French rural wind, etc. , are the implementer of this trend. The rare tree species in the nature, the modelling of all kinds of plants and natural skin texture and color, etc. , all things continue to play a source of inspiration for furniture design. Four, big love art brushwork

the classic furniture of high quality, is both the collection value and use value of art. As the abundance of material wealth and cultural level enhancement, people will to furniture art request. Such as the use of hundreds of Chinese cultural elements, the European Renaissance design elements, etc. , is nowhere to go.

five, intelligence changes household to popular

with the progress of smart home, part of the furniture will also take a more modern means of science and technology, such as more comprehensive monitoring of sleep quality mattresses, multifunctional bar cabinet, etc. , realize the sound, light, color, form the best matching effect.

6 1/2, custom build individual character space

created a rich material already industrialized production, and left the same at the same time. Shape, color and carving furniture products without much difference, let people hard to betting appreciation. Personalization are breaking this impasse, according to each person or each very small groups, to achieve on-demand customization. Seven, leads the fashion

in graphic design, fashion is a eternal topic. to pursue fashion, but also beyond fashion. From clothing, cars, bags new inspiration, nature, all kinds of culture, is a sign of fashion. Of course, bold new fashion is. The colour collocation of the avant-garde, never seen carvings, etc. , is a fashion. Eight, environmental protection to obtain unprecedented interest

2014 years, paint, flooring, furniture and car exhaust production caused by environmental problems, such as the emphasis, coupled with the fog haze, make indoor decoration pollution and indoor air quality problems caused an unprecedented attention. 2015 years, there will be more and more attention in the field of environmental protection, of course, there are more and more green environmental protection action. Environmental protection french country furniture itself, such as pest control, the process used in the supplementary material, environmental protection, such as performance, will be on the high-end furniture brand's desk. With more stringent environmental quality, is likely to win a greater market share.

9, branding wave

in the high-end furniture market, the brand consciousness awakening is surging. Both imported french country furniture and home furniture, to promote the brand influence are put into work. When furniture of choose and buy, on the other hand, the owner is no longer blindly, brand impact on buying decision will occupy a large proportion of the.

the rise of domestic high-end furniture brand, to continue in the high-end market and import furniture from the competition.

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