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Heavy rain flooded the renowned furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-31

southwest, central China, north China and furniture manufacturing base in China, for the continuous rain, a lot of furniture enterprises have been serious disasters.

so, for the low, easy to water workshop, must be waterproof and prepare in advance, try to avoid this problem!

but in the face of a pile is the furniture of blisters beyond recognition, threw away a pity, but with the eyesore, is a small universe.

the french country furniture of the piles of bubble soup? If you haven't to the point of completely unable to use words, must find a way to save it! But repair also has some of the methods and steps and method error, will fall short.

below small make up to introduce several practical repair way:

woodiness furniture repair small tips:

1. Just don't get the sun exposure, general woodiness french country furniture after sun will produce the phenomenon of heat from the cold, some places will consequently cracks, deformation, surface will be more broken, and the structure of the furniture has been destroyed, support is also big.

2。 Bubble water furniture had better adopt natural air dry, or open the dehumidifier can also, the furniture of the moisture evaporate completely, at least to reply to the dry state, don't put for a long time, the internal and may mildew.

3。 After dry furniture, if you have any damage, surface scratch, can repair some of the same color paint, or can be put on the light lacquer, and can be an extra layer of protection, there are even professional maintenance of lacquer furniture, maintenance of woodiness, mouldproof, insect-resistant eat by moth.

other material furniture bubble water treatment methods:

1, metal furniture, the most afraid of rust, after bubble water must be wiped clean, every joint, cogged area cannot be ignored, such as size and antirusting agent is wiped, can prolong the service life.

2, plastic furniture made water treatment is relatively better, dry it bask in the sun or a wash, but also should pay attention to some detail of dirt to clean up.

warm prompt: the recent rain, most parts of the country everybody go out please take rain gear, and pay attention to safety.

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