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'Has a price no city' annatto furniture fell about 20%

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-31
In xianyou list mahogany street street, significantly more cold than ever before, after the hot up in 2013, this year is in the adjustment period. Recently, the reporter visited found that a lot of annatto furnisher operate at a loss, especially wait annatto aniseed made furniture became marketable no market situation, fallen around 20%. Xianyou is one of the important production base of high-end annatto furniture, each big manufacturer of main raw material is bright red acid branch, lobular rosewood, myanmar flower pear, etc. It is reported, current of bright red acid market price is 600 yuan/kg, compared to last year's 700 yuan/kg, a much lower. And the price of myanmar spend pear from last year's 30000 yuan/ton, down to the current 20000 yuan/ton, 33% decline in. An annatto raw material purchase business, as early as last year, the price of red acid branch Zeng Biao rose to 1000 yuan/kg, many vendors will be red acid storage, processing is not used for furniture. Tighter social capital, raw materials reserve supply on the market, it makes a lot of stockpiling raw materials annatto vendors are selling start slashing prices. One person familiar with the matter, there are more than sixty percent of the mahogany furnisher sales decline, and even some operate at a loss, can achieve break-even very not easy. This situation is also in adjust the prices of annatto industry, is a way to return to the rational. It is understood that in 2008, affected by financial crisis, annatto industry once you apply, know the last year, the new revision of the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora policy influence, led to annatto boom. After the high tide will appear low, nowadays, annatto industry began a new round of adjustment.
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