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Good good and board type furniture is solid wood

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-30
Now in the market with a lot of more phyletic, according to the material, usually points, wood, glass, steel, glass reinforced plastics, plastic furniture, etc. Among them, the wood furniture has been occupies the absolute share furniture category. Wood furniture according to its material breakdown, mainly to have solid wood furniture, panel furniture and bending wood furniture, etc. A, the advantages of board type furniture board type furniture: (1) generally speaking, the price of board type furniture is relatively solid wood furniture is some cheaper ( But some of the fine workmanship, novel style import board type furniture, the price may be far more than poorly made of solid wood furniture. ) ; (2) the color and texture of board type furniture rely mainly on the effect of a face, so change is more, often can give a person the sense with fashion; (3) design change in the appearance, has a larger range of options; (4) general normal manufacturer production of board type furniture, with excellent plank, furniture is usually moved out of shape not easily. Second, solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, it is to point to by natural wood furniture, furniture surface besmear brushs varnish, you can see the natural grain of lumber. Its advantages: (1) due to the use of natural wood to make advocate material, make furniture looks more natural breath, feel comfortable; (2) high coefficient of sturdy and durable, environmental protection, but also an important advantage of solid wood furniture. Generally making qualified solid wood furniture, unless you use the paint has a problem, or generally no pollution hazard. Well above is small make up to you, bring about the Europe type furniture of real wood is good, or a plate of Europe type furniture is good view and understanding, hope can bring you help.
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