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Fusion of classical and modern new classic Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-09
European new classic furniture is in the design of classical furniture is a blend of modern elements, conforms to the modern's aesthetic visual enjoyment. In decorating simple collocation, neo-classical European furniture classical furniture designers and innovative ideas have emerged in the process of change. Designers will be classical style with a unique personal style and the spirit of the modern, classical furniture showing a colorful landscape, don't need to be too complicated that today there is a small make up to explain for everybody, has the characteristics of the new classical furniture. One, the new style in the classical wind characteristics of atmosphere features: 1, style the design style of the neoclassicism is modified classical style. European culture rich artistic background, open, innovative design ideas, household characteristics: all the furniture in the style of refined, simple, elegant; Work is exquisite, decoration elegant. Less curve, flat surface, appear more beautiful light. 3, deserve to act the role of characteristics: with carving, gold plated, wood, ceramic and metal Mosaic adornment method is given priority to, such as decorative material has rose, fruit, leaf shape, the torch to view more neoclassical style decorating effect. 2: the new style in the classical style of 1, well-knit god is the main characteristic of new classic. While pay attention to the decorative effect, with the modern technique and material reduction of classical temperament, new classical dual aesthetic effect, with the classical and modern perfect combination of also let people enjoy the material civilization at the same time get the spiritual comfort. 2, style, in the modelling design is not the style of the ancients, also is not restore ancient ways, but the pursuit of spirit likeness. 3, using a simplified technique, modern materials and processing technology to pursue the traditional style of outline characteristics. Neoclassical style of Europe type furniture both retained the classic furniture material qualitative, colorific roughly style, with simple fashion, new classic furniture is vividly embodies the characteristics of the above is the new European classical style furniture is the important reason is loved by the masses, well that's small make up to you, bring about new why classic European style furniture by the modern love is introduced.
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