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Furniture polish wax has exquisite

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-04
polish wax has protective film from the tide, scratches, and burns. Proper use of wax polish can make the new furniture is more full of sheen, old furniture whole like new. But if wax polish used shall not method, not only does not produce good effect, can also affect the furniture of beautiful. Here introduce several problems should be paid attention to when to wax furniture.

using wax polish, to check paint film surface is intact, for a new solid wood furniture, use soft cotton cloth to surface dirt rub-up. For old furniture is difficult to remove the stain on, usable cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of gasoline or alcohol. Then moderate wax polish coated with a small piece of cotton cloth, again with a larger piece of wax dry cloth to wipe divide evenly, on the basis of not leaving the wax. If wax with too much, not only can leave stripes or spots, influence burnish, time grew also bate lacquer layer, and not easy to remove. Additional, choose of wax polish often don't change, so easy to master its features and usage.

has been the damage, the paint layer should be handled. By sear cigarette parts, such as limited to the surface paint layer, can dip in with fine sandpaper gently after water mill to stain, and then wax. No evidence of deep and wood surface scratch, can make local polish with glazing candle directly, the shoeshine of color close also can have the same effect, scratches deep place is to use sand paper burnish. If the breakage is reaching woodiness, after polishing, needs to be painted.

white cups in the film circle, can dip in with the hand a small amount of vegetable oil, and a cloth to wipe, such as trace still not take out, will be a piece of cloth soaked in warm water after dry, inunction of on drop a few drops of ammonia with wax polish finally.

french country furniture is in use process, as long as reasonable maintenance to prolong the service life of french country furniture, keep for a long time is bright and clean as new, there is a very important role.

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