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Furniture of feng shui study placement

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-24
In contemporary household is decorated in the study is an indispensable element, it also occupy the main position in the household. But as the office in household, the study did not according to feng shui, household may influence the family business, studies, etc. So when decorating a layout, what problem should note? The study decorates general principles: study the best layout in wenchang position of family children during reading, children reading, learning, best layout in wenchang bearing children. Wenchang azimuth and well used for children bearing children effect will be more pronounced. Wenchang even for cream, children will also enhance its corresponding reading, learning, life, just need luck in xi with position of the child development, and assist the wenchang luck to succeed. For adults, especially male host is in the home, should be to study layout in a party. The goods a party, can according to their own horoscope to see: generally speaking, party a and party b wood, the Lord's wealth is the southeast, northwest, southwest and northeast of the four directions; Anyone born BingDing, bearing GengShen, XinYou position of the money, the western namely; E already born, money in the nonyl decyl, hai son this kind of bearing, namely the north; Anyone born heptyl sheen, money in party a and party b, Yin bases, such as the east; Anyone born nonyl decyl, money is, of course, south BingDing and have lunch. Most want to choose the position they are stars represent. Also, these bearing need according to the compasses, best visual often lack accurate. Above is the bearing such stars represent himself for joy with god; If god cream in your horoscope fortune star into 8, hatred of god; The right money is your horoscope of ratio of azimuth; Lu fang is the best choice, don't make a mistake. Desk is opposite the door put good in general, place the desk on the door is better, such as the door of the study is to the south, you can place the desk also towards the door. This is the direction of problem, so location? For the location of the layout, to note here, the direction of the desk to the door, but in the position to avoid the door, and door. Or by outside ShaQi straight up, not only unable to concentrate, and the long-term impact of desk location, must bring to cause damage. This is the most basic rule, desk placed precise wenchang bits according to the law of eight curtilage sent. Should not be the window of the study is on the desk every study should have a window, because there is a window of room, air and light is ideal, so the study has a window. But one thing to note, should not be the window of the study is on the desk, because speaking is not suitable for looking at an empty desk at home reading. Feng shui aside, in terms of the environment is opposite desk window, be they attract distracted easily by the scenery outside the window, it is difficult to concentrate on my work, the teens, not qualitative influence is extremely serious, in order to improve their attention, parents should avoid a desk is on the table. In addition, the desk by the window, pay attention to the other house within 10 meters outside the window into the Angle, the smaller the Angle influence the farther the distance, the closer the greater the impact. Study the color of the color for the green best study, should according to each different life and various sets of curtilage concrete with different curtilage, here, to talk about some simple rules, I think that the study should be given priority to with light green color. This is mainly because wenchang star ( Some called wanted) , the five elements belongs to wood, therefore they should use the color of the wood, which is green, this will help in wenchang star. Bookcase should be facing the fierce about bookcase put the position, I think as long as you remember the following eight words can, desk by ji, bookcase by fierce, desk should be put in the orientation of the geely, the opposite and bookcase, suppression of what should be put in the unlucky bearing come fierce evil spirit. Study can be small but not too big any room rather than small and refined, avoid white elephant. Some household spacious home, set the study very big, in fact, in this study, reading or writing is difficult to concentrate. Because gas is one of the basic principle in the fengshui, in this study, it is difficult to achieve to get together gas, unavoidably spirit will spread out, and, if you are a boss or manager in so big the runway in the study, have great obstruction to the development of the career, cannot inadvertent.
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