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Furniture of environmental protection is very important, the three latent should pay attention to the murderer

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

there are many factors that can affect furniture environmental protection, a bit not pay attention to, lurking in the furniture of the murderer will sneak out, let furniture environmental problems exposed.

lurks a murderer: the same volume of heavier or more gel

many consumers believe that wood is a natural material, so the more environmental protection, especially some solid wood furniture, is regarded as a model of environmental protection, but in fact is not the case.

actually wrong a lot of consumer understanding of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture is not a perfect pure real wood, but for pure real wood furniture is the main body of framework.

and some auxiliary parts such as drawer, partition, is really made of carpentry board or composite board, of course, this kind of board will contain a certain amount of glue, and it is also of formaldehyde was hiding. Is because of the existence of these plates, if choose undeserved, real wood furniture also has the phenomenon of formaldehyde to exceed bid.

so solid wood furniture, with plate as the main body structure of board type furniture and how to do the processing of harmful gas exceeds bid? Under the same condition, environmental performance higher plate must be less glue content.

if two pieces of the same volume of plank, environmental protection must be to ensure that use the same tree species, board size ( Because large particles also represents the contact area is large, use of glue also is relatively small) And lighter weight ( Because it is in itself the flavor of the original wood and weight) 。

and relatively heavy piece nature is added too much glue. So many consumers only with weight to judge the stand or fall of plate is not reasonable.

latent killer 2: paint paint alert to use engineering

from the new furniture, you fear most? Perhaps many people will have the impression, compared with the sample, the smell of the new furniture is much more powerful, sometimes a new small wardrobe can make whole bedroom is full of excitant odour, this is VOC in the paint and the harmful gas such as formaldehyde.

as the furniture coatings in colour, resistance to water, saturation, transparency and bondability is much higher than wall coating requirements, make the traditional furniture paint must use paint, paint and chemical composition of volatile more poisonous and more volatile.

it's become the carrier of furniture harmful gas badly exceed, now the industry is recognized as a kind of practice is to use water-based paint, the paint is mainly banana oil solvent instead of water.

water-based materials, non-toxic, and banana oil is known as the toxic chemical composition; Waterborne materials volatile just water, rather than the chemical composition, through this way to dissolve the paint the harmful gases.

of course, in recent years, many consumers to buy the products of environmental protection, a lot of people choose to buy products of furniture, but in fact, some unscrupulous manufacturers in pursuit of profits, the engineering paint used on ordinary furniture, this undoubtedly for the safety of consumers is buried under the great hidden trouble, so the best choice when buying finished product furniture brand credibility and awareness of higher product.

latent killer 3: superposition effect per unit area

absolutely green, use of the materials used for the surface there will be no problem, but why would eventually indoor air testing is still not up to standard?

in the process of complete the new dream, a lot of people would have such confusion, why can't qualified products bring qualified air quality?

when consumer is buying furniture or choose plank, to comprehensively consider the space usage area, coating use, furniture and cloth art adornment such as usage, the materials used, the more likely cause superposition of unit area in the greater the amount of harmful gas release.

this poor indoor air environmental protection sex more, if some material accumulation in unit area is too large, likely will cause excessive harmful gas in this region.

so when decorating, while fully considering the practicality, also want to minimize the material usage, so as to effectively control the release of harmful gases, if must use a lot of material, the environmental performance of each material should more strictly.

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