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Furniture of choose and buy of knowledge _ chest instructions of choose and buy

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-17

( The preface] Decorating is a science, but also an art. In whole decorate a process, the choose and buy of french country furniture also is an important part of, today we bring people together to learn how to choose and buy wardrobe. Superficially, the choose and buy chest seems to be a simple thing, size, structure, color generally satisfied with good, in fact is not the case, the choose and buy of the wardrobe is executable. And see it together:

the first step: look

a lot of friends to ask, what is this at? Don't busy, we one by one to answer.

the first thing to hope; The thickness of door plank. Closet door plank is the use of high frequency in our daily life, so the thickness of the door plank is extremely important for the wardrobe. The ordinary wardrobe door plank thickness on market generally in 5 & ndash; 9 mm, quality brand wardrobe thickness later in September 12 mile or so.

second look; The border around the door. Hope; Bottom ark material, used in the general door edge ark with ordinary aluminum alloy material, better brand usually adopted is not rusty aviation aluminum manufacturing, wear resistance, strong pull it straight.

again will look; The door under the rail. Traditional chest use dents orbit, the orbit easy to hide grey, difficult to clean. And the track can only be equipped with convex to the roller, thus on the selection of door plank material can only be limited to the particle board.

the last hope; Is the material and thickness of the cabinet put oneself in another's position. Usually 16 mm thick particle board used more in the wardrobe cabinet put oneself in another's position, and good brand wardrobe cabinet put oneself in another's position is generally use 18 mm thick in the high density fiber board, surface relief of melamine, not easily deformation. Points according to the material, usually with pits and inferior smooth face, anaglyph face these boards, high end embossed surface is generally used in chest, sealing side, too.

in addition, should pay attention to whether the wardrobe has a series of environmental protection certificate, such as patent certificate, certificate of quality management system certification.

these are in the wardrobe of choose and buy time to hope; The content of the.

step 2: smell

a usually see smell; , we all will know that smell; Smell good!

with the constant improvement of the quality of life, people gradually began to pay attention to healthy environmental protection; . And formaldehyde release a quantity to whether within the scope of a security is the focus of attention.

in the wardrobe of choose and buy when, open the drawer or chest door plank smell carefully, if have pungent smell, general is formaldehyde to exceed bid more, be careful to choose. Third step:


q; Simple understanding is consulting, chest when the choose and buy, be sure to do my homework. To consult wardrobe professional or sales people the knowledge of the wardrobe, compared several, from different angles for comprehensive understanding of the wardrobe. So at the time of purchase will compare a bottom in my heart.

the fourth step: cut

cut; Among the several links is important link, cut; On hold some of the details, for example chest tightness and processing technology, etc. Good quality brand wardrobe from sealing side to hardware accessories, are branded; At the same time, can try to open the door and opened the drawer when buy, see if rail flexible, good quality of the guide rail in our sliding door in the process of light more smooth.

there is to pay attention to some detail parts of the work. Can see the thickness of the sealing sideband is reasonable, too thin sealing sideband feels feel is very poor, too thick sealing sideband and sealing side of the gap is larger. In general, 1. The thickness of 5 mm thick is a more appropriate, allowing the chest to be whole to perfect embodiment.

( Conclusion] Today, we put the ancient doctors a set of scheme in reference to the choose and buy of the wardrobe, if we can reasonably good hope; , smell; , q; , cut; The four level, you can choose to the beautiful appearance, high quality, healthy environmental protection; The wardrobe.

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